About Us

Boombotix was founded on the vision to make the best portable speaker experience. These weatherproof speakers feature premium acoustics, wireless connectivity, rechargeable battery, and a ruggedized shell built to last. Our portable speakers interface with smartphones, tablets, laptops and most mobile devices. These ultraportable speakers are the new evolution of mobile audio: Boombots. The top portable speaker invasion is happening online and in stores near you. Join us.

Our MISSION: Spread the Sound

Our goal is to make great sound more accessible than ever before. We believe in sharing music with others. We enable people to create enriched experiences through music in motion.



Boombotix has pioneered and defined the ultraportable category of speakers. All of our products feature a stainless steel built-in clip and drop tested ABS shell, offering unparalled utility for a speaker of its size. Each Boombot is IP53 water resistant, and are designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Check out all the activities you can do with a Boombot.


With a fusion of modern industrial design and graphics, our team of designers are focused on creating products that look and feel truly amazing. Boombots can be discretely integrated into one's outerwear, or showcased as a beacon of modern design. Our design process starts from a napkin, then into modeling, rapid prototyping, and then months of meticulous trimming to get exactly what we want.


Tuned by industry-leading audio engineers, the full dynamic range of the REX is stabilized across all frequencies in the audible spectrum, yielding a stunning bass response that is matched to the drivers, delivering peaking highs and precise vocals. The volume of Boombot speakers reach over 90dB@2ft. Check out some of our speaker comparisons.


Boombotix engineers are committed to developing technologies that bring out the most in our ultraportable products. From remote microphone Siri integration, daisy chain capabilities, and full wireless controls, the goal of our innovation is to create a better user experience. With technologies such as wireless mesh networking in prototype stages, our innovtive spirit will never rest. Check out the latest collection from our online store.


We believe in packing the absolute most value in all of our products. By leveraging the unique acoustic form factor, and sourcing the highest quality components, we are able to offer a product that sounds better than speakers that are twice the size and twice the price.