Cnet Boombotix Review CNET

The Boombot2 has a trendy and quirky design, is Bluetooth-enabled, and clips on for easy portability.

Gotta Dance Dirty Boombotix Review Gotta Dance Dirty

The Boombotix sound system is your one man party ... Built with a re-chargeable battery and Bluetooth wireless technology, it’s tailored to the transient lifestyles of those who live fast and dance dirty.

Freeskier Boombotix Review Freeskier

This creature of the audio world has Japanese-inspired styling and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to fuel your next impromptu dance party.

Teton Gravity Research Boombotix Review Teton Gravity

... it’s easy to use and sounds great ... imagine throwing one of these in your backpack and letting people play DJ from their iPhones while you ride up the chairlift at your favorite ski area.

HypeBot Boombotix Review HypeBot

With roots in SF’s urban art and action sports scenes, BoomBotix fuses the worlds of alternative art and action sports to create an ultraportable, ultra-loud, and downright cool looking mini speaker.

UrbanVelo Boombotix Review UrbanVelo

The fun little gadget attracted plenty of attention anytime I rode with it, and it's been pleasant riding to work while listening to music.

Zlog Blog Boombotix Review Zlog

It is a handy little speaker that really delivers some quality sound.

CCS BoomBotix Review CCS

he thing is super small, packable, portable and is packs so much ridiculously loud, amazing sound; it’s hard to imagine using anything else.

iPhoneSpeakerReviews Boombotix Review iPhoneSpeakerReviews

The Boombotix Boombot 1 portable iPhone, iPod and MP3 speaker system is a stylish design and durable material that makes it one of a kind.

Coolest Gadgets Boombotix Review Coolest Gadgets

You can clip it to your belt, slip it in a bag or hook it up to a bike, and voila -- here you are, a veritable, walking library of tunes that you can share with the rest of the world.

ZipRage Boombotix Review ZipRage

The Boombotix BB1 is the ultimate speaker for someone looking for stylish, ultra-portable audio. It’s easy to use, convenient for traveling, and delivers fantastic audio playback.

Nerd News Boombotix Review Nerd News

... the clarity of the sound kept intact quite well. Hardly any noticeable distortion at all ... Color me impressed.

Chip Chick Boombotix Review Chip Chick

You’ve never seen a portable bluetooth speaker with as much attitude as the Boombotix Boombot2.

Its Justin Boombotix Review It's Justin

[Boombotix] sets out to carry out a singular goal and does it. Create an affordable, eclectic, super-portable wireless speaker. Done.

SectorTechno Boombotix Review SectorTechno

... the BB2 continues to impress with its versatility, durability, and portability. Be it rain or shine, the little guy still has the juice to blast out surprisingly decent sound.