What is a Boombot?
Boombots are ultraportable speakers that work with any audio device. These speakers incorporate industrial design that makes them ideal for transport. The acoustic engineering produces surprisingly high power and efficient power to weight ratio. Boombots are self-powered rechargeable devices that incorporate a simple interface to be controlled directly or over Bluetooth. Some Boombots incorporate Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio transmission and teleconference capabilities.

Who makes Boombot speakers?
Boombotix speakers are engineered and designed by Boombotix at their headquarters in San Francisco, CA. Boombotix has a team of audio engineers and designers that oversee the production and evolution of the product line. The speakers are assembled by hand in China by an experienced contract manufacturer.

How can I use a Boombot?
Do you listen to music? Well that is a good start. Boombotix ultraportable speakers feature industrial design for life in motion. Bike riders clip them onto their handlebars, backpack straps and pockets. Other riders use the hip clip for fastening to belts, pockets and other garments. You can be pretty creative with how your wear your Boombot. Some people with exemplary amounts of swagger will fashion Boombots around a necklace for functional Bluetooth bling.

Boombot speakers can pair with any audio device with Bluetooth including smartphones, tablets and laptops. You can also use the built-on auxiliary ports to wire your speaker directly to your device.

Can I use a Boombot in my vehicle?
Many of us drive around a piece of crap rust bucket without an audio system. Some of us drive a commercial work vehicle throughout the day without a stereo. Whether you’re in a crappy rental vehicle, or your door speakers are completely blown out, Boombot speakers can provide a little kick for the long haul. Some vehicles are equipped with an auxiliary jack (aux) to connect audio devices to the car stereo system. When you use a Bluetooth enabled Boombot, you can use the included male-to-male cable to connect the Boombot to the whole car stereo system. By doing this, you can use the Boombot as an effective center console speaker. This will allow you to control your car stereo wirelessly using your smartphone.

Where can I buy a Boombot?
Boombots are available at boombotix.com and a variety of colors and models. Check out the available models in the Boombotix store. You can also find Boombots in a number of retailers near you. Check out our list of authorized dealers here

Will Boombot1/Boombot2 work with my device?
Any device that has a 1/8” inch standard headphone jack will be compatible with the Boombot1 including iPod, iPhone, MP3/MP4, laptops, CD Players, and pretty much all mobile devices.

The Boombot2 features a wireless bluetooth interface that will allow you to link it with most phones and mobile devices.

What happens if my speaker breaks?
Boombotix products are covered by a NO MATTER WHAT one-year warranty. This guarantees our products with free repair or replacement within one year from the date of purchase.

To warranty your speaker, visit boombotix.com/warranty

How do I charge my speaker?
Boombotix speakers includes a USB charging cable so that you can hook it up to your computer and charge it. Charging takes approximately one hour and will provide approximately 6 hours of playback time.

I’m having trouble with pairing with my bluetooth speaker. What should I do?
Do not panic. Sometimes you just need to re-pair your device to freshen things up. Un-pair and delete the speaker from your audio source and turn off the speaker. Turn the speaker back on, put it into pairing mode (press power button twice) and search for the device. Repair with the speaker and resume your music playback. If this fails, try to charge your speaker. If all fails, visit boombotix.com/warranty

My bluetooth speaker is not as loud when playing it wirelessly! What’s up with that?
Using bluetooth technology will result in approximately 10% loss of volume due to the limitations on the technology. This is normal for all bluetooth audio devices.

Can I pair with multiple speakers to get stereo sound?
Our Boombots offer more than just a great portable speaker -- they are a total mobile audio package. When you connect to a Boombot speaker via Bluetooth, our patented SoundHub™ technology flips the 1/8" audio jack from an input to a stereo output. Simply connect any speaker or stereo system to it, and enjoy streaming stereo audio from your portable speaker. SoundHub allows you to enjoy the luxury of high fidelity wireless freedom on just about any home stereo, boombox, or entertainment system.