About Boombotix

Engineer by day, artist by night, Boombotix founder Lief Storer wanted a safer alternative to wearing headphones while commuting on his bicycle through the city. So he built one. By combining a Japanese vinyl toy, hand-built speaker internals and a walkie-talkie clip - the Boombotix brand was born. Boombotix is now a leader in wireless audio and custom speaker solutions designed for life in motion.

“Boombotix opened up new audio experiences in bike, skate, snow and street. Since inception, our company culture has remained true to its roots of creativity, innovation and high-quality portable audio.”

Lief Storer - Founder in Motion

RZA + Boombotix

We recently joined forces with RZA, arguably one of the best producers of our time, to help us pioneer some uncharted territory in content delivery. RZA encouraged us to embed music directly into the Boombot Rex, foregoing the traditional model of music distribution. This kind of revolutionary thinking and challenging of the status quo keeps Boombotix at the bleeding edge of portable audio innovation. At Boombotix, there is an inspired artist at the heart of everything we do.

Sound of the Brave

Boombotix was founded on the vision to make the best portable speaker experience. Originally built for the STREET, our weatherproof speakers feature INNOVATIVE premium acoustics, wireless connectivity, rechargeable battery, and a ruggedized shell built to last. Boombots let you stay CONNECTED by interfacing with smartphones, tablets, laptops and most MOBILE devices. The clean, streamlined industrial design can be discretely integrated into your outerwear, or showcased as a beacon of FRESH modern design. And our built-in stainless steel clip lets you take your music anywhere - anytime.

Soul of the artist. Best of the breed
Sound of the Brave.