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The BB2 Speaker Pre-Orders go LIVE!


Secure your destiny with wireless audio freedom. BoomBotix is proud to announce the official release date of the BB2. The BB2 packs the same boom in the shape of the BB1, but with more bells and whistles to bring your music listening to the next level!


BoomBotix CEO commented on the release of the BB2, “The BB2 is really a breakthrough for our company.  It makes a statement in showing our fans that this device is really a platform technology.  Once you start using the BB2, you start realizing the gains in versatility instantly.  Projects like the bike mount we’re working on are a good example of what can be done.”


The BB2 will only be released in a Gunmetal Grey colorway, with planned limited colorways dropping in the future. The MSRP is $64.99 and will be released officially on June 24th. Pre-Order BB2 HERE.

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