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iMiNUSD x BBTX Collab

It was only a matter of time before BoomBotix collaborated with the first track fixed-gear centric bike boutique, iMiNUSD, for a limited release speaker ONLY found in their shop in San Jo. Heres what they’re about:

“We are here to offer you products that have been proven and ridden by us at numerous alleycats, goldsprints, track events and street sprints. We know what works and we know what fixed-gear riders want. We offer all levels of components and complete bikes from your favorite affordable brands to exotic bike pr0n worthy brands.”

It just makes sense they have collaborated with BoomBotix for a limited release BB1, the ultimate audio cycling accessory. If you are a fixed gear rider and haven’t been to their shop yet, make it a priority to get a skiddin’ in there.iMiNUSD Collab

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