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BB2 Bluetooth Speakers Shipping NOW!

BB2 Bluetooth Speaker

“I ain’t gotta wear a wire…”

That’s pretty much the name of the game with the new release of the BB2 Bluetooth speakers.  This is the freshest thing to come out of the lab since we built our teleporting machine.  The BB2 has been hyped-up for quite a while now, but now we want to show you that there is some raw substance behind this new silver embossed ultra steezy anagram print packaging.

For starters, we put a lot of our attention on  the firmware platform that would make Bluetooth easy to use.  When you pull up the BB2 on your mobile device, it will be identified as ‘BoomBot2’.   The first time you sync it you will have to enter a keycode (0-0-0-0).  Once your speaker is paired, you will be able to play music instantly.  Doing so with your Mac OS is pretty similar although remember to set the speaker as the primary audio device once connected.  The next time you turn your speaker on, your device should automatically detect it and be ready to play.

For the first firmware release, we have configured the BB2 in a way that automatically shuts down the music whenever you answer a phone call.  Once you hang up the phone, the music will resume.

Once you are paired, you can control the volume on your device AND on the unit itself.  It’s usually easy to just max out your device output and then fine-tune the volume on the BB2.  This way you can leave that phone in your pocket, keep a banger playlist going, and make your volume mods as your circumstance sees fit.

BB2 Bluetooth Speaker

In the picture above you can see the BB2 hooked up to a mixer.  In this setup, the BB2 is paired with an iPhone 4.  It is acting as a hub to stream music into the Mixer, which ultimately ends up bumpin’ on two Mackie 450s.  This setup is sweet because it allows you to integrate wireless technology into much bigger systems, while still allowing you to have control from anywhere in your ultra swanky studio loft.  The BB2 still includes the male-to-male retractable audio cable so you can easily hook it up to most stereos or even on the auxiliary jack in your car.

Bluetooth speaker

The BB2 features some hardware improvements.  One of the common points of failure on the BB1 was tweaked audio jacks that ultimately created a weak connection.  On the BB2, you can still run a wire directly into it, and we’ve created a reinforced audio jack to help make the device more resilient than ever before.  The design is very similar to what you see on the iPhone 4 audio jack.

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  1. I like the fact that the BB2 speakers automatically shuts music off when there’s an incoming call. Now that is technology. Thanks for sharing

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