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Mochipet gets JACKED in New Orleans

Our good friend and extremely talented DJ, Mochipet was recently on a trip to New Orleans when someone snuck into his bag and swooped his laptop.  Being an EDM DJ, losing your laptop is like being a painter without paint.  All hope is not lost though.  In the adversity, Mochipet has released a twenty six track mix in hopes to raise some cash to grab a new laptop.  The mix starts off with a glitchy melody that instills a sense of hope, which is exactly what a laptopless (thats now a word) DJ needs.

It was a 15″ MacBook Pro with a purple hard shell case and a Ableton Live gel keyboard cover on it.Please help me Repost & spread the word to your friends

He WOULD have a purple Macbook.  You can Donate and download the release below on Bandcamp or send it directly to David ( via Paypal. Thank you for the support! This is how we get by!

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