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Wolfpack Hustle Crashes the LA Marathon March 17th

RACING THE END ——(Marathon Crash Race 2011) from Warren Kommers on Vimeo.

Alleycats are one thing, but crashing the LA Marathon course at 3AM to enjoy a car free bike shredding phenomenon is a completely different animal.  The Wolfpack Hustle is a race that spans twenty six miles of Los Angeles starting from Tang’s Donuts at 3am.  Yes. 3am start.  Thank god for donuts and coffee. The race will finish at the beach at Ocean and Montana. By the time that the runners are just getting their shoelaces tied, you will have already mashed the course and downed three cans of PBR.

This year the race is expected to double in size with approximately 800 bikers hitting the pavement in hopes of getting coveted dog tags and loads of street cred.  At the rate the Wolfpack Hustle is growing, this event might get to be bigger than the marathon itself!!

This years title sponsor is Cinelli who will be putting up a free frame for raffle at the pre-party.  You can pick up your bibs and numbers at the pre-party registration….but don’t party too hard because that 4am rolling start is going to be painful.  There is nothing more liberating than riding into the sunrise.

We are about 87% convinced that we will be heading down there so if you need to get some portable audio to fuel your fire during the race, we will be there to help.  There will also be speakers up for the raffle.

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