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Purple BoomBot iD Contest

Give this new BoomBot color a name and take her home!

This spring we are planning to add a new addition to the Boombot BB2 bluetooth speaker family.  As you can see above, our new member has yet to take on her full identity.  Without a name, you’re nobody!  This is why we would like to ask YOU to participate in the Purple Boombot iD contest.  Entering the contest is simple:

  1. Go to the Boombotix Facebook page and “like” us and/or add us to your circles in Google+
  2. Comment on this blog post on what you would name this BoomBot speaker and WHY.  Make a story behind the name that is funny or compelling in some way.  Be sure that the name and story is appropriate.  Any lewd or scandalous names will not be considered for production or entered in the contest.
  3. Tell your friends to “LIKE” your post.  The top 5 posts with the most “likes” will be the finalists for the official name of this color-way.  The Boombotix team will select the winner.

Contest begins NOW and ends March 15th.  The winner will receive a Purple BB2 one month before the actual release date!


34 comments on “Purple BoomBot iD Contest

  1. I saw the funktopus for the first time in 2011 at all good music festival, I came out of the stage area after a late night set needing more tunes and there it was, The Funktopus, blasting my much needed additional tunage, all purple and shiny, hope to see it again ni my travels this summer. So again I Say Funktopus Purple.

  2. During a dark and grey time, one hero decided to find out if there was more to what they thought was life. As he kept finding answers he also caught on that these answers kept changing almost as if they are keeping him from the truth. Trying to figure out who and what he was being kept from knowing he was lead to a abandoned chemical plant where two shadowy figures stood in the doorway, the closer he got the further they got, till he was dead center of plant. The lights shut off, and then an explosion. Close friends assumed him dead. Months later something out of the ordinary appeared to them, a strange, unknown figure that looked like them but was not like them. He called himself Magnus Blurple, who is the person they assumed was dead! He kept his identity secret in order to keep everyone safe, but he dedicates his life to finding out why the figures try to keep everything so grey. (sorry dont want to write an essay)

  3. The Phlox

    Psychadelic “blacklight” Purple – which was especially popular among hippies and was the favorite color of Jimi Hendrix.

    In the 1980s there was a Jimi Hendrix Museum in a Victorian house on the east side of Central Ave. one half block south of Haight Street in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco which was painted this color.

    The name “Phlox” is taken from the flower after which the color is named. :)

  4. its gotta be “Oakland grape”. Oakland’s got love for BoomBotix, so why not name it after one of Oakland’s favorite Morning/afternoon/evening past times? I mean, we don’t grow grapes but we got grapes, ya’ll know.

  5. Prince

    When that magical musical purple rain fell so many years ago, a creature emerged from its violet puddles. He came to party like 1999. So loud he’ll make doves cry. Baby, he’s a star. Now let’s go crazy.

  6. It’s really simplistic, but how about “Violet”
    When my wife was a young punk, she used to use the pseudonym Violet. Also, when I think of the name, I always flash back to Willy Wonka when the dad says, “You’re turning violet, Violet!”


    Purple is a special vibrant color with attitude and style. Everytime purple is brought into the mix, everything changes pace and whatever your rules or expectations of what something was meant to be or was supposed to be becomes irrelevant.


    Well i saw the thing comin’ out of the sky
    It had the one long horn and one big eye
    i commenced to shaken’ and i said “ooh-eee”
    It looks like a purple people eater to me

    It was a one eyed one horned flyin’ purple people eater
    (one eyed one horned flying purple people eater)
    a one eyed one horned flyin’ purple people eater
    sure looks strange to me (one eye?)

    well he he came down to earth and he lit on a tree
    i said a mister purple people eater, dont eat me
    i heard him say in a voice so gruff
    i wouldn’t est you cuz your so tough

    it was a one eyed one horned flyin’ purple people eater
    one eyed one horned flyin’ purple people eater
    one eyed one horned flyin’ purple people eater
    sure looked strange to me (one horn?)

    i said mister purple people eater, whats your line
    he said eaten purple people and it sure is fine
    but thats not he reson that i came to land
    i wanna get a job in a rock and roll band

    well bless my soul, rock and roll, flyin’ purple
    people eater
    piegon-toed, under growed,flyin’ purple people eater
    i like short shorts
    flyin’ purple people eater
    sure looked strange to me (purple people?)

    and then he went on his way, and then what do ya know
    i saw him last night on a T.V. show
    he was blowing it out really knockin’em dead
    playing rock and roll music though the horn on his head

  9. Grape Jamm
    2 x m because that’s just how it was in the 80s, when rockin’ in the street became an artform with the boom box. You could throw an umlaut on top of the a in Grape if you really want to go hard core.

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