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Six Awesome Reasons to Jailbreak Your iOS 5 iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

Some Background

You may have noticed that more and more people are buying iOS devices than ever.  As a result, I get a lot of questions when inevitably having to hand my iPhone over to someone less in tune to hackery than myself.

Usually people are interested in apps that seem to modify iOS system functionality in some way. Question like “how do you get your folders to scroll?”, or “wtf, you have a left/right swipe-able dock?!” are common. Native apps from Apple’s App Store are considered “sandboxed”, meaning they come with restrictions on hardware access, communication to processes your app did not start (namely other apps), and even things like taking screenshots.  I always end up having to explain what jailbreaking your iPhone is, as all of these less common apps require jailbreaking.


For the record, technically jailbreaking voids your warranty, but you can quickly restore it to normal, outside of Apple’s means of detection, just by clicking the restore button in iTunes. Additionally, you will lose the jailbreak if you update iOS without also re-applying a working jailbreak. This is not for the faint of heart, but rather for those who can’t help tinkering with their phones. You install these apps using Cydia package manager (it comes with the jailbreak).


Before you can do any of this, grab redsn0w from the Dev-Team Blog, and use it to jailbreak your phone. There are tons of instructions for doing this out there, but honestly it’s as simple as clicking the button. I promise you can figure it out.

1. Springflash

Ever wanted to turn your LED flash on your iPhone 4 on faster? Springflash lets you set any Activator action to turn on the LED. I have mine set to double-press the lock/sleep button. It’s awesome for using the iPhone as a flashlight in an emergency or a dark spot. If used properly, you can actually have the light on before removing the phone from your pocket, purse, or marsupial pouch if you’re a kangaroo.

2. f.lux

This app has been available for Mac OS X and Windows for some time. It changes the color of your iOS device’s display to adapt to the time of day: warm at night, and bright like sunlight during the day. It makes the freakin’ bright display a lot easier on the eyes, and supposedly it makes it easier to sleep by not blasting your pupils with white sun-like light during that 2AM expedition to Reddit right before bed.

3. LockInfo

Lockinfo is an AWESOME addition to the new-to-iOS5 notification center. It extends notification center to be available on the lock screen, and also allows you to add additional widgets. Check out the screenshot below:
LockInfo for iOS 5 Jailbreak

4. SBSettings

SBSettings is a customizable “toggle” app that allows you to quickly and easily access on/off toggles for things like Bluetooth, 3G, Airplane mode, Wifi, and more. You can even add a display-brightness slider. Additionally, it integrates beautifully with LockInfo/Notification Center.
SBSettings for iOS 5 Jailbreak

5. ScrollingBoard

ScrollingBoard removes the ridiculous 12-app-per-folder limitation that Apple imposes. It also allows you to have multiple pages of dock icons (the bottom row of icons on the iOS home screen), just like how you have multiple “pages” of apps.

6. PDAnet

PDAnet lets you use your iOS device as a portable router for any Mac or Windows computer. Share the internet connection you pay those pesky cell-carriers every month with your laptop on the go! Even in the car 😛

Feel free to comment if you have any other iOS jailbreak app suggestions, or if you have any comments!

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