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Hello Kitty Products net over $1 billion in sales

Hello Kitty jet

EVA air goes wild with this jet decked out with Hello Kitty paint job and custom interior. We hope that they also serve Sanrio Lollipops in the inflight meal.

Hello Kitty has a ginormous fan-base and it’s really no surprise that Sanrio has earned over  $1 billion in annual sales (and that is back in 2003).  There are over 37,000 licensed Hello Kitty products in the consumer space ranging from commercial airline jets to collectible wine.  Just to give you a little background, Hello Kitty’s real name is Kitty White and she was born in the suburbs of London (not Japan!?).  It all started back in 1992 when Shintaro Tsuji began selling rubber sandals with flowers painted on them.  Shintaro saw a dirrect correlation between profit/sales and the addition of printing cute characters on his sandals.  He hired cartoonists to design these amorphous blob characters (although he probably could have hired some 3rd graders as well).  Ultimately, Yuko Shimuzu came up with the Hello Kitty character design and she made her debut onto a vinyl coin purse in 1994.

Going from hustling sandals to making an international billion-dollar business is quite the entrepreneurial feat.  For this purpose, we are compiling a list of some of our favorite Hello Kitty products.  The goods that make this list are either on here because they are kind of cool, or they are insanely ridiculous.  One way or another, some little girl or childhood deprived lady is a fan.

hello kitty dog costume

There is a high likelihood that a big Hello Kitty fan will also have a small annoying dog in their possession.  What better way to make your dog a hipster than dressing him up like a cartoon cat?  This is a sure way to give any dog a true identity crisis.

Hello Kitty X-mini speaker

These X-Mini capsule mini speakers are just as crappy as the rest of the X-Mini speakers, but they have a Hello Kitty outline over their grill that increases performance zero-fold.  X-Mini is based out of Singapore, which is a Hello Kitty fan base mecca, so we would not be surprised if these actually did pretty well.

Below is a picture of a Hello Kitty edition SMART car.  That steering wheel does not look like it has an airbag of any kind.  That could be a big concern for the type of driver that might invest in a Hello Kitty vehicle (apology for the stereotyping but safety first!)

Hello kitty car interior


The Hello Kitty phenomenon is one that is quite perplexing.  Lots of characters are introduced in the cartoon world.  Consumer products can be hit or miss with the mass market.  So what makes Hello Kitty so successful?  Is it the perfectly proportioned elipses head?  Maybe the lack of a mouth?  Perhaps it is just the notion that the branding is completely dialed and pink continues to be the top performing color in the retail segment.  If you have a theory on WHY Hello Kitty is everywhere, we’d love to hear what you think.

If you see any cool or retarded Hello Kitty stamped products, we would love to see what you find.  Please feel free to drop a link in the comment box and show us what you got.

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