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A look into the Boombotix past…

It seems like so long ago, but it was only in the Summer of 2008 when Dennis Quijano released his first vinyl toy, the Skully, under the brand Urban Warfair. Soon thereafter, the founder and eventual CEO of Boombotix, Lief Storer (an avid vinyl toy collector at the time) came across the piece and purchased a few. Months later, after successfully blowing out his ACL while skiing at Northstar, Lief was confined to his cubicle and kept the Skully there to ward off evil spells. As VinylPulse magazine quoted about the toy, “The large blank eye-socket area makes the figure interesting DIY wise,” and that led to the inception of something much, much more than a toy.

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When it dawned on Lief to put a speaker in this large eye, quite simply, he did. And he showed it to his friends, both online and off. It was well received (hype hype hype), with TechCrunch covering the development and generating more hype on the concept right off the bat.

The rest is history in the making. After release of the first SB1 (later renamed BB1), Boombotix has started countless parties- everywhere. The Boombots have smashed through the social ice that we find ourselves surrounded in, making it easier to meet people, share music, and generally be more happy. If you havent experienced this for yourself, check out our Youtube channel or hop over to our store. Trust me, you never know what kind of mischief you’ll get into with a Boombot- but you can believe one thing- it will enhance your lifestyle, without a doubt.


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