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Sriracha x Boombotix New Product Release

Sriracha hot sauce

We are excited to announce that we will be teaming up with Huy Fong Food Company over this next year in development of a new Sriracha-BOOM speaker.  Huy Fong’s CEO commented, “Sriracha is gaining a popular cult-like following amongst the younger generation, so we need to go beyond just making hot sauce.  The progression into portable audio makes sense because the taste of our sauce is loud just like Boombotix speakers.  We are going to take cock sauce to new heights with Boombotix.”

The Sriracha-BOOM will feature the same technology that you find on the BB2 including bluetooth pairing and a 50mm high fidelity driver.  Engineers at Boombotix have commented on how the hot sauce levels will effect the sound output.  As the sauce become emptied, the speaker will increase in bass.  By opening up the cap, you can also increase bass output by allowing the driver to breath.  The new Sriracha speaker will also feature a reinforced bottle material made from all natural, free-range, vegan, organic materials extracted from gluten free compounds.

The Sriracha-BOOM is expected to be released right before Christmas with pre-orders available November 1st.  It will be sold at most grocery stores and on Amazon with free gift-wrapping available.

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