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D’OH! Bike Manufacturer Creates E-Bike Too Fast to Sell

New bike is downright nasty, but won’t be available to general public in U.S. or U.K. because it’s too fast to ride

The Turbo electric-bike (e-bike) took three years to make. Three years! For a bike! The reason why it took so long was because the manufacturer set out to specifically design it to be the fastest bike e-bike ever.

Boy-o-boy, did they ever succeed.

With speeds close to 28mph, it’s 8mph faster than what’s allowed for an e-bike on the streets here in the States, and a little over 12mph faster than what’s allowed on the cobbled avenues of England.

In a statement to the press, Turbo product manager Marc Faude wrote: “Due to regulatory requirements, there are many markets, including the USA, where the Turbo is simply too fast to be legal.”

Makes you want one really, really bad right? Especially when it looks like this:

Turbo e-bike specs

So, what makes this thing so fast? Well, for one, it comes with a – and stay with me on this – 10-speed cassette body, 250-watt, custom-design, rear hub motor, powered by a 432-Wh lithium-ion battery.

Layman’s translation: it’s got a lot of juice.

The battery itself can be recharged in just two hours (convenient to take too and from work) and the brakes are the carbon fiber Magura MT series disc type and come with a regenerative charging feature.

As if the physical components of this ride aren’t already impressive enough, you can get a full-hour at top speed on the bike. Ben Delaney, the global marketing manager for Specialized Bicycle Component (Turbo e-bike’s manufacturer) elaborates: “The engineering team has done several 40km rides at top speed in mostly flat terrain.” That’s approximately 25 miles for all the American yolks out there.

There’s a wireless handlebar on the bike, too, that shows things like power level, battery status, speed, time, and distance. You can also operate the bike’s LED lights from the bar, and there’s STILL more than enough room to clip a Boombotix BB1 or BB2 to it.

One little issue

There is just one minor stipulation with the Turbo (that is, beyond the whole speed-thingy). It’s priced at $7,340 USD, just short of a Kia or Hyundai. That’s a lot of bone to fork over, but hey, there’s no doubt it’d be pretty awesome to be breaking the law cruising the streets on an e-bike. That’d be a level of geeky bad-ass that just might make the world implode.

Going on sale

A very, very, verrry small number of Turbo e-bikes will go on sale in May, with more going out in the fall.

In his letter to the press, Faude concluded: “The Specialized Turbo is a powered performance urban bike, with an integrated electric motor and battery that offers a top assisted speed of 45km/h. Whatever you do, don’t call it a pedelec – this is a new category of urban bike that looks, feels and rides unlike any other.

“The most important feature of the new Turbo is its speed – everything about its design, and every engineering decision made during the three years of development, was centred on making this bike the fastest and best e-bike ever. We’re confident that we’ve succeeded. Once you ride one, we think you’ll agree.”

Personally, I think I agree just from writing about the thing.

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