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What to bring to Coachella


The time has come! In less than a week, Coachella Weekend 1 will be charging full force, with a lineup chalked full of artists such as Avicii, Afrojack, Datsik, Calvin Harris and more! Chance has it, you are fully prepared for the music- you’ve made your Spotify playlists and all that, but are you prepared to survive in the desert for three days?

Didn’t think so.


Be safe. Bring two tubes, each with a different SPF variety (odds are your friends are going to want some too). You’ll dodge the asinine prices at the festival general store, and you’ll have your choice of sun protection factor levels. Lather on the SPF 50+ for the peak sun hours, and go for that SPF 25 when the sun is lower in the sky. Camping with a nasty sunburn is hell!

Clif Bars

These pocket sized bites make for a tasty, cheap, sustaining snack and are ideal for the hours before the festival gates open each day. Many supermarkets offer them for less than $2 apiece, so grab a bushel before you go. Avoid $8 slices of pizza.

Bottled Water

Bring at least two cases. Not only will you achieve proper hydration before the day’s first acts, but having a surplus of water will allow you an alternative means of cleansing if 2011’s ridiculous three-hour shower waits repeat themselves.

Proper Shoes

Between being stepped on and jumping for hours in front of a stage, our feet endure the worst pains at Coachella. Forgo indie fashion and wear shoes that are comfortable and protective, with proper arch support. You’ll thank me on Sunday.

Portable Speakers

When all is said and done at the end of each night, the party isn’t over. There is a surplus stoked-ness in the campgrounds, and people want to keep the party alive. Yes, there are plenty of glowsticks and tune filled iPods ready to play, but having that portable speaker will make you the life of the party. A rechargeable, durable portable speaker is crucial for the task- we recommend our Boombot1, priced at $45, check it out in our store!

Until then, see you on the Polo Grounds!

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