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Review of Contour’s Pole Mount Camera System

POV camera

This past week we had the opportunity to test Contour‘s new pole mounted camera set up for some spring backcountry riding at Squaw Valley.  In the early morning we headed straight for Silverado to get some of the softened up faces and put this camera set up to the test.  If you enjoy documenting your adventures and sharing your story, we strongly encourage you to bring a POV (point of view camera) on your next journey.

POV camera

How does the contour pole mount work?

The kit comes with two pieces of hardware.  There is a clear plastic piece that you can screw onto your pole and a larger black ball joint that holds the camera and clamps onto the clear plastic fitting.  You will need a screwdriver to install the clear plastic part onto your pole, once you’ve done that, you can film tool free.

what can you do with it?

Compared to other pole mount options, the Contour setup offers so much versatility.  The green clip allows you to mount and dismount the camera from your pole really easily.  This was nice because you could just stick your camera in your pocket and when you aren’t filming.  You can easily adjust the angles as you’re clipping the camera on, but once you’ve wrenched down the green clip, the angle will lock in place.  The Contour camera line allows you to rotate the angle of the lens so if your filming angle requires you to have the camera upside-down, then you can just rotate the lens accordingly.

The versatility of the pole mount allowed me to get really creative.  Try an overhead shot by holding one pole over your head.  Do a follow cam of your self just by having a pole trail behind you.  With a wide angle lens, you can still capture a lot of what is around you even though you’re just filming yourself.

editing your shots

Switching up your angles is a great way to keep your viewers interested.  Gone are the days where just a helmet cam shot through an entire face will keep people on the edge of their seat.  These days, changing up the angles will make your edits more interesting, and you get the pleasure of capturing the shit-eating grin on your face every time you get that face shot.  Most pole mount rigs you see on the market require tools to adjust the shots, but the way the Contour mount is set up, you can adjust the angles on the fly and capture your adventure in so many perspectives.

The materials used in the pole mount are top notch.  From the feel of it, my guess would be that they use a molded acrylic on the pole mount and some type of plastic composite on the ball joint.  For $39.99, the pole mount will offer you a ton more bang for the buck.  You don’t necessarily need a ski pole, but anything 11-18mm will work.  You can also invest in a nice monopod for other activities and you wouldn’t need this, but for skiing, I’m already carrying a pole and I’m all about being a minimalist.  I plan on using this guy to get some great footage driving my Subaru WRX with a camera hanging out the window, mashing on a fixed gear, and doing some downhill longboarding. Do what YOU want but you will not be disappointed with this setup.

Contour HD camera

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