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Going to the Sea Otter Classic – April 19th to 22nd

Sea Otter Classic

This week marks one of the biggest weeks in the California cycling community with the oncoming of the famous Sea Otter Classic.  What makes this even incredibly special is that it brings together cyclists from a broad range of disciplines and skill sets to partake in one of the biggest races of the year.  Anyone from a beginner to a seasoned pro can partake and you will see everything from adrenaline junkie downhill racers to spandex laden road racers.

The Sea Otter Classic takes place at the famous Laguna Seca raceway.  Normally, this venue hosts some of the fastest cars in the planet on a long, sweeping course with numerous elevation changes.  For this weekend, the manpowered transmissions rule and anyone can shine in their respective racing class.

What to bring to the sea otter classic

If you want to have a good race, be sure that you spend extra time a day ahead of your race to make sure that your bike is totally dialed.  Bring all the tools you have, extra tubes, a bike pump, spare tire, and maybe even a spare bike if you want to cover all the bases.  In case things get MacGayver, bring a knife.

Depending on where you are staying, be sure to bring SEVERAL coolers fool of food and beer.  If you are camping on site, be sure to bring all the essentials to get a proper barbecue going.  When you’re biking around like a madman, don’t be surprised if you burn through and absurd amount of calories and copious amounts of beer.

Bring Sriracha.  We recommend this for all occasions, but especially at Sea Otter.  It is one of the more convenient sauces to carry and it survives the broad range of temperatures that it can be exposed to on the coastline.  You may also want to bring plenty of layers as this region can have rain, cold fog, and hopefully even some sunshine.  Be ready for anything.  Bring the hot sauce.  As far as we can see, the 7-day forecast is showing pretty clear conditions, but keep in mind that everything gets DAMP there.

You’re going to be doing a LOT of hanging out at Sea Otter, so we don’t have to be the only ones to tell you to bring a portable speaker.  Whether you’re crowded around a camp fire late at night, or you’re mashing through the hills around the track, having some audio to share with your friends will be a sure way to make the week a party.

Sea Otter Classic big air

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