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Mind-blowing concept: flying luxury homes

Designer comes up with idea for futuristic homes: make ’em fly

If you’ve seen the latest addition to the Boombotix portable speaker family – the Sunnuva Birch BB2 – then you know that the folks here have a major appreciation for kick-ass design.

That’s why we’re posting up Swiss-based vehicle and product designer Timon Sager’s mind-fu*k of a luxury home design concept. The name of the project is the Wolke7 and it is essentially a flying home.

Wait, check that. It’s more like a luxury yacht. The one catch?

It’s attached to two large zeppelins.

The whole concept kind of ties into everyone’s idea that in the future we’ll all have flying cars. Sager, I guess, just figures that we might as well all have flying homes, too.

Multiple decks with glass windows let the owner enjoy the view from anywhere in the home (even the bathroom). There’s a kitchen and dining area, bedroom that puts any studio apartment here to shame, and sleek-looking entertainment room with enough space for a piano (or your personal collection of BB1s).

Yeah, so basically the place is pretty dope. Check it for yourself and start wishing:

View from the top:

Bedroom on top, living room on bottom:

Master bedroom:

Living room with piano:

Entertainment room:

Where are you? Oh, I’m just chilling by Mount Everest:

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