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Hello Kitty Airlines? Yes Please.

Its been many moons since airline travel has wow’ed me. Sure, the Southwest $39 trip from SFO to LAX was great, but the TSA-rapist pat down really put a damper on that. And the cool purple backlit hip modern chic of Virgin made me feel like a champ for a minute, but when I had to reschedule my flight and got pounded by fees up the yin yang, my position as a champ quickly retracted. Unless we’re flying through Europe in the open air/ open beer space, I’m not sure if air travel will ever fulfill me. Until now…

YES. Hello Kitty Airlines. Finally, its here. And here’s why its is the best:

The severe lack of awesomeness in the airspace has been tackled head on by EVA Airlines, the owner of Hello Kitty Brand. The solution to creating a winning airline is simple, rather than tell flight attendants to make people happy and to be joyous and cheerful at all times (like Southwest), just fill every possible situation with a japanese animated kitty-cat, which inherently makes EVERYONE happy, without fake flight attendant smiles.

How could you not be super excited checking into kiosks like these:

The fun never stops. Every possible corner situation is filled with the Hello Kitty face we all love so much. Who wouldn’t be overcome with joy when they see a Kitty face in their food?

Basically, humans need this. Hello Kitty Airlines for the win. Sushi. Kittys. Sushi. Kittys. Even the flight attendants are kitties!





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