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Nick Giannini – A Uniquely San Francisco Artist

If you’re keeping tabs on Boombotix, then you know we’ve got a Boombotix x Big Umbrella Studio collaboration called CRAYnial coming up on May 11, 2012 in San Francisco.

One of our featured artists for CRAYnial is Nick Giannini, a San Francisco-based creative with a insanely unique style. He prides himself on the fact that much of his artwork doesn’t contain deep hidden meanings or biased views of society. Instead, he wants the viewers to derive their own interpretation, and let it help inspire them in their own creative works.

Nick has agreed to paint a Boombot in CRAYnial, and we’re all looking forward to his custom bot carrying his unique style into a physical vinyl toy shell, rather than on a flat two-dimensional canvas.

Nick paints unusually vivid, psychedelic, psilocybin-infused tangles of nature and urban chaos. His style is very unique, and is almost as if Banksy stencils met Dali’s dream-like paintings. He often paints live, and also works on graphic design and media such as logos, flyers, album artwork. He has created various commissioned works for establishments around California, and they can be seen in hair salons, skate shops, galleries, restaurants and more. One of his recent pieces is a commissioned work for Golden Boy Pizza’s new San Mateo restaurant.

Going forward, Nick wants to focus his energy solely into his own artwork and branch his network out US-wide.

Here’s a few of my favorite pieces from his recent show “Evolution of Style” at Sports Basement in San Francisco. The best part of this show was learning directly from Nick that there wasn’t hidden significance to his works, and that I was meant to take away anything I wanted — looking at famous artists works is always inspiring, but I always come away feeling a void in my understanding of what they were actually trying to convey.

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