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Tattoo artist implants magnets in his wrist to make strapless nano watch

Extreme body piercing makes for a seriously awesome gadget

Dave Hurban tattoo artist

Warning to the squeamish: if you can’t stand blood, surgery, and extreme body piercing, allow us to redirect you to one of our other posts about a guy using a jet pack to fly over Rio de Janeiro, an awesome graffiti project, or a mouth spray that gets you instantly drunk.

For the rest of our steel-stomached dudes and dudettes, you have GOT to check out this most gnarly body piercing.

Meet Dave Hurban. He’s a tattoo artist out in Newfield, New Jersey and he can’t stand the idea of being away from his music. Unfortunately, he didn’t know about our awesomely loud portable speakers and how you can wear them wherever you are; instead, the dude pierced his wrist and implanted four button-sized magnets to hold his iPod nano to his arm without a strap.

Dave Hurban iPod Nano Implant

Hurban said it’s actually a pretty standard process in the body piercing world. “Those magnets are actually called micro-dermal anchors,” Hurban told Digital Trends, “and in body piercing they are very common. The tops are actually just 5 millimeter magnetic tops.” He pointed out in the interview that they’re actually strong enough to hold the iPod nano when he’s out for a jog.

You can enjoy the full sesh below, which Hurban dubbed “iDermal”:

Kind of reminds me of another extreme tattoo session we came across recently.

Hurban told Digital Trends that even when Apple comes out with another version of the iPod nano, he won’t update his piercings: “When people see this, it’s like they’ve seen something that no one else has done, ever, it’s just such a crazy concept,” he said. “And it almost takes them a little bit of time to grasp. I actually am the inventor of the strapless watch.”

Like the idea of wearing an iPod nano on your wrist, but hate the idea of having to insert magnets into yourself in order to support it? Check out The Proof – it’s a watch housing for the Gen 6 iPod nano. Not only is the shit legit to look at – it’s waterproof too!

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