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New Logitech Headphones Come with Personal Assistant, Cost $2000

Tech company creates earphones customized to suit each customer’s listening preferences

Yup — you read that headline right: $2000 for a pair of headphones. If you put all of our portable speakers together, not only would they be louder, they wouldn’t cost you $2000.

Logitech Ultimate Ears - headphones

The purpose behind this new line of ear bud is to cater to the auditorily spoiled. Details on their ridiculous reasoning after the jump.

Logitech is calling the new line of headphones “Ultimate Ears”. Each pair is hand-crafted and features a custom-fit finish for the wearer so that it fits comfortably in the user’s ear.

The Ultimate Ears are also personally tuned to suit the user’s listening preferences and music choice. If you like rap, you get more bass. You prefer rock, you could choose to highlight the guitar. Prefer dub-step? They’ll make it sound like a friggen alarm clock is going off in your head.

How are they able to accommodate so much personal preference? Well, you see, each customer who purchases a pair of these headphones is assigned a dedicated personal service specialist who helps the purchasee with the whole process of fitting, designing, and tuning the buds.

A personal servant. For headphones.

Samuel Jackson meme

The personalized headphones are already being used by celebrities and athletes, including Lady Gaga, JR Smith, Tom Hanks, and Kanye West.

Honestly, I’m surprised at you Tom. I can kind of see the other three, but you, I had higher expectations.

Tom Hanks Money Pit

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