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Alleycat Race Coming Up: Shenanigans to Ensue

Bike race planned to celebrate one of our favorite bike blogs

Funny bike race

ZLOG, the Seattle-based lifestyle blog with a special focus on fixed-gear bikes (depending on the day, you can reverse that description), is hosting an alleycat bike race this upcoming June 30th.

Alleycat Seattle bike race

Want to participate? Cool. You’ll need the following three things:

First, you’ll need to be in or around the Seattle area. The race starts promptly at 2 pm at Cal Anderson Park and the ZLOG-folk don’t need some out-of-towners holding everything up because they got lost.

Cal Anderson Park

Second, you need $15. For the curious few out there, yes, a $20 bill should suffice. There’s a $15 entry fee for the Alleycat race, and for that much coin, you not only get to go two-wheeling through the streets of Seattle, you also get hooked up with a tee shirt and a yes-we-know-this-beer-tastes-like-piss-but-we’re-still-gonna-serve-it Pabst Blue Ribbon beverage.

Funny Pabst Blue Ribbon

Lastly, you’ll need either a fixed gear or road certified bike. There’ll be prizes for winners in both categories at the after-party which, oh by the way, is going to be at the Piranha Shop. In addition to the Awards Ceremony, there’ll be a raffle, screening of some bike videos, and prizes handed out to the most decked out wearer of ZLOG gear.

ZLOG gear

Boombotix is sponsoring the event, so you know the shit’s going to be pretty friggen rad. Also, ZLOG is a pretty friggen awesome group to work with, so we know they’ll put on a good show.

Not familiar with ZLOG? Their site started out in 2008 as a lifestyle blog, but it quickly grew into a bike blog focused on style and bike culture. In the four years since establishing their brand’s flag, they’ve gained a ton of support within the bike community, and are now widely viewed as one of the most progressive fixed gear bike blogs in the whole entire world wide web.

See for yourself by checking out the ZLOG blog.

Interested in going? Head to the Alleycat Facebook event page to make your attendance Facebook official.

Cant’ go because you don’t have the funds to fly your broke ass to Seattle for a weekend Alleycat bike race? Go to the event page and drop them support on their wall.

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