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Extreme sport athletes make their way into off-road racing – sport suddenly becomes more awesome

SuperLite Championship rises in popularity due to sudden proliferation of celebs and athletes

Danny Way superlite

Ever hear of the SuperLite Championship before? It’s okay – I haven’t either.

But this sport’s stock is rising crazy fast because a bunch of surf, skate, BMX, and Motocross athletes and celebs are all suddenly getting into it.

Basically, a bunch of stadium-style spec-trucks compete against one another in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and a handful of other special events. What’s awesome about it is that anyone and everyone can compete via the series’ Arrive & Drive program. No need to secure advertisers or race team — SuperLite basically acts kind of like the entrance exam for participation in the professional-level short course off-road racing.

It kind of explains why everyone is suddenly into this sport — it appeals to all groups, from extreme sport adrenaline junkies to motorsport enthusiasts to professional athletes who just like the idea of going out there to take ass and kick some names.

Strike that, reverse it

The series started in 2009 and can be seen on CBS, CBS Sports, Speed TV, NBC Sports, and MavTV. Sponsors of the series include Exotic Engine Development, Justice Brothers, VP Racing Fuel, Lucas Oil, Safety Kleen, and more.

Check out some of the more popular current and former extreme sport celebs on the circuit:

Danny Way

Danny Way

Skateboard hero, multiple-time X Games gold medalist, and world record holder of a whole bunch of stuff (that’s his truck at the beginning of this post).

Corry Weller

Corry Weller superlite

Drives for Tilted Kilt Pub and Eateries, Well has graced the pages of Maxim magazine and is widely considered to be one of the sports fastest and most recognizable female figures.

Jeremy Stenberg

Jeremy Stenberg superlite

Star of MTV’s “True Life” and multiple medalist at the X Games; rides for the Nuclear Cowboyz as well as Rockstar and Metal Mulisha.

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