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Call Me Maybe, the Creepy Chat Roulette Dude Version

Chat Roulette Meets ‘Call Me Maybe’ With Hilarious Results

By now we’re certain that you’ve heard of Carly Rae Jepsen, the girl who sings “Call Me Maybe” and who has, inadvertently, spawned countless parodies. If you haven’t we’ll give you this moment to VIEW THE ORIGINAL and catch yourself up to speed.

For about as long as anyone can remember the hit song of summer has been as predictable as the weather, with pop radio payola pushing some cheesy tune right before school got out until your eardrums bled. You’d hear it on the beach. You’d hear it at the pool. You’d hear it in passing cars, on television commercials, on ice cream trucks, on Boombots – even in your sleep! Record sales became CD sales became iTunes singles downloads and the music makers marketing department would laugh all the way to the bank.

This summer something wholly unexpected happened. Carly took her cheerful ditty and wedged it permanently into our heads using social media like Twitter and Youtube. Shit got real, and fast. It was number one for over nine straight weeks. Suddenly Carly was more famous than Rebecca Black and infinitely more likeable.

Buxom beauty Katy Perry made her own version of a “Call Me Maybe” video. Justin Bieber and friends posted a video of themselves lip-syncing to it and his endless legion of sheep copied him. The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street did a version. Jimmy Fallon did a version with Carly and the Roots. Even the United States Olympic swim team turned it into a yearlong audiovisual meme.

A political tribute spin off even managed to capture the Presidents attention. In an interview with KOB-FM, a New Mexico radio station, he said: “I have to admit, I’ve never actually heard the original version of the song. I saw this version where they spliced up me from a whole bunch of different speeches that I made. They kind of mashed together an Obama version of it.” As of this blog posting Carly’s little ditty has already been downloaded over 8 million times!

“It’s supposed to be a fun song,” Ms. Jepsen said according to the New York Times. “Not to take yourself too seriously, to put you in a good mood.”

One person who definitely got the spirit was the Chatroulette Creep in the Bikini who took video of himself singing and dancing to the song along with the unexpected random reactions of people he got matched up with. If you’re not familiar with Chatroulette, you’re probably not a freak, which is a good thing. Chatroulette randomly pairs up strangers with the click of a button via webcam. It was intended to help bring the world together and so naturally it’s full of naked dudes exposing themselves to unsuspecting kids. Welcome to the internet, right?

Some of these reactions are nothing short of priceless. It takes a lot of guts to dress up in sparkly clothes for women and dance around in front of strangers. Either this guy is a genius comedian or the worlds biggest freak. In the end all that matter is that the video is funny as hell, and that we (once again) beat Daniel Tosh to it! Suck on that Tosh! That’s what you get for taking a vacation from your gay joke laced clip show on basic cable shot in crappy Culver City …and for that we thank you!

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