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Cosplay Makes Every Day Like Halloween

Step Into A World of Wonder and Painstaking Attention to Detail

Halloween is not so far off. You can feel it in the air. The decorations are going up. Seasonal pumpkin flavors have invaded nearly all your favorite refreshments. There is nothing quite like it, dressing up as your favorite character and acting out for your friends. If only it happened more than once a year!

Well guess what? Now thanks to a sweeping new trend you don’t need an excuse to play make believe. Short for Costume Play, Cosplay is is a type of performance art that you participate in by dressing up as a specific character or even an idea.

It differs from Halloween, or even Mardi Gras, in that the celebration centers completely around the adoration and fetishization of a particular character, rather than using a holiday as the theme.

The term Cosplay was believed to be coined by Nobuyuki Takahashi, from Japan’s Studio Hard, while attending the 1984 Los Angeles Science Fiction Worldcon. Nobuyuki was so impressed by the elaborate costumes fans had created that he reported about the phenomenon for a Japanese science fiction magazine. Since then cosplay has enjoyed an increased following, taking off with the recent popularity of Comic Con. While cosplay has grown a rabid following in Japan it’s interesting to note that it’s roots are in America, despite it’s conjoined name.

Cosplayers have their own culture, their own language, even their own social networks and sites online. They have forums that allow them to share their obsession in photographs and stories, giving each other new inspiration as well as tips. They’ve even managed to influence fashion and pop culture.

While any character can be the source of their emulation Cosplayers favorite sources to draw from generally revolve around anime, action movies, comics, and video games. Any kind of character can be taken up as a subject, whether good or bad. Since they make their own costumes from scratch attention to detail, right down to adopted mannerisms, are the mark of a genuine Cosplayer.

Cosplayers can be young or old, they can cross race or bend genders – there are literally no rules and no limits beyond what their imaginations can dream up and bring to life!

Many take up new skills such as crafting with textiles, special effects makeup, sculpting, fashion design, molding, and other useful tricks to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. Nearly all wear some kind of wig or prosthetic to further their facsimile.

Some have gone as far as to get body modifications in order to perfect the illusion. For the more complicated anime characters weapons, they may hire a machinist or engineer to help them craft matching replicas.

The process of creation is usually very taxing and costly. This deep personal journey is the glue that unites them together in a subculture of artistic expression. In the end the love and praise they receive make it all worth it for these expressive souls. They brighten our lives and our world with their vibrant imaginations and obsessive behavior.

Here at Boombotix we love to celebrate art and individuality, especially when it intersects with culture and technology. That’s why we put together these images of some of the most amazing Cosplay we’ve seen this year so far. Let us know what you think!

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