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Count the ways to use a Boombot Speaker

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen so many awesome ways our ultraportable speakers have been used. You can put a boombot on just about anything with it’s wearable clip, and with it’s ruggezed, drop-tested shell you can take it just about anywhere (derp, you already knew that).

We’ve gathered your photos while searching through our Swagonomics and FaceBook pages and compiled the ways you guys use your Boombot. From the extreme chilling to climbing tree tops, yall have done a most excellent job of never missing a beat!!

Check below to see how & where people are using boombot’s all over the world!

chilling in a park

Catching zzz’s in the park while getting tan. Photo cred: tajnihal

vacation with the family

On vacay with the fam! Photo cred: Wheatrick

Mountain biking in the great outdoors!

Mountain biking in the great outdoors! Photo cred: RideSFO

wearable technology

Clip it on your purse like a BOSS. Photo cred: joesavage1988

hungover, tryna function

Hungover attempting to function #yolo !! Photo cred: poppi_d

skateboarding, chilling

Downtime while skating! Photo cred: Frodrizzle


While golfing with stud muffins. Photo cred: Boombotix

farmer's market

At your local farmers market! nomnomnom! Photo cred: kettlewallace


mountain climbing

When you’re just trying to get higher! Photo cred: Brooklynn Gray

baseball game, giants

At your favorite team’s game! Photo cred: McKleroy

Listen to beats while you’re shredding the slopes! Photo cred: Boombotix



wireless speaker, in the shower Our wireless speaker works great in the shower! Photo cred: Boombotix

While you’re racing your tandem bike! Photo cred: Jeff Thrasher

While DJing the party! Photo cred: Hellefante

To drown out the baby’s cries while you enjoy the ride! JK… Photo cred: blancablancablanca

Because dogs enjoy music too (i think!) Photo cred: McKleroy

Don’t be afraid to get em a lil wet! Plus I heard Boombot’s love the smell of the ocean. Photo cred: Boombotix

When you’re going camping via bicycle! Photo cred: Kettlewallace

tether your bluetooth Boombot2 to your Boombot1 and get double the volume and double the fun! Photo cred: Dirtycog

boat party

WHEN YOU’RE VIP ON A BOAT! photo cred: frodizzle


While cooking something yummy in the kitchen! Photo cred: Kettlewallace

Multi-tasking with no hands, drinking coffee and taking a picture. Thank goodness for our bike handlebar mount! Photo cred: Dirtcog

So there you have it! Some examples of sweet ways people are using their boombot’s in their everyday, swagged out life. Now how about you!? Do you use you’re boombot differently then the pictures you saw above!? SHOW US! Post on your instagram & #boombotix (don’t forget to sign up for Swagonomics so you can win free product) or on our facebook wall!

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