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101 List of Simple Items that Enhance Your Life

1. Playing cards for the lull moments. You can always occupy a group of people or just yourself with a pack of cards.

2. Pad of paper & pen for things that you know you’ll forget. For a cute girl’s number if your phone is dead, for the name of a song that you want to download, or just to doodle.

3. A plant in the space you spend the largest amount of your time. Whether it’s your office, your bedroom, or your bathroom, a little greenery can only make you happier.

4. A beanie for the unexpected chilly nights.

5. Disposable camera to capture the random moments you want to remember. Or to capture the license plate of the guy that ran over your bike.

Boombotix portable speaker attached to a hottie sucking on a ring pop.

Boombotix portable speaker attached to a hottie sucking on a ring pop.

6. An ultraportable speaker to add life to a social situation. Everybody likes music.

7. A comfortable mattress because a good nights sleep can make all the difference.

8. Condoms because you never know when you’ll get lucky.

George Bush eating corn, carefully, as to not get corn stuck in his teeth.

9. Dental floss for when you eat corn.

10. Traveling toothbrush so that you’re always fresh.

11. Chapstick because lips are important.

12. Wine glasses because being classy is always fun. Things always taste better when it’s aesthetically pleasing.

13. A good book to get lost in, because reality isn’t always entertaining.

14. A canvas bag to buy your groceries with. Being a little green will make you feel like a good person.

15. Sunglasses to shade the sun and look cool.

16. Perfume or aftershave because studies have shown that floral scents can make you feel happier.

17. Own your favorite comedy. By taking an hour and half out of your day to laugh at Will Ferrell or Chris Farley will instantly boost your day.


18. Sparklers. Buy and hoard extra sparklers during the Fourth of July and break them out for outdoor concerts, barbeques or just parties.

19. Stamps to send snail mail to rediscover the pleasure of old fashioned communication.

Ludacris, keepin’ it real per usual.

20. A gym membership to revamp endorphins and get sexy.

21. A dope mug to drink your coffee or tea out of every morning. You’ll be able to differentiate your drink from the other people in your office and add some personality to your daily routine.

22. Invest in high thread count blankets, it’ll last longer and your cuddle sessions will feel better.

23. Buy a box of hot mint tea. The scent of fresh mint is energizing and the steam will perk you up.

24. Sunblock because sunburns suck and so does cancer.

25. A reusable water bottle because you should always stay hydrated. Water helps your skin, manage weight and hangovers.

26. A dictionary to improve your vocabulary.

27. Download Skype so you can see friends in family that aren’t necessarily around the corner.

28. Buy a hard drive to back up your files on your computer. If anything ever happens to your computer it’ll be a savior.

29. Anything with wheels (i.e. bicycle or skateboard) can be useful for transportation and as a stress reliever. A ride on a sunny day can make all the difference.

Grommer loving life.

30. Chocolate contains tryptophan that is a natural mood booster, and it’s delicious.

31. Always pick up your local newspaper to keep up-to-date with what’s happening around your town. You’re more likely to go out with a purpose and experience new adventures.

32. A lighter, even if you don’t smoke anything. Somebody always needs a lighter, and you can be the one to help them out with that.

33. A passport for any unexpected travel plans.  Who knows! You might win a trip to Thailand, and you’ll need a passport for that.

34. You should always have toilet paper in your bathroom. Even if you swear you never poop, always have toilet paper.

35. A wine opener for the ladies. Most of them pop beer bottles too.

36. Always have clean socks. Funky socks are dank.

37. Q-tips to clean your ears. Yes, you’re not supposed to use them, but it feels good and you’re probably using them anyways.

39. A basket to store your keys and wallet.  You’re less likely to spend ours of your life looking for both.

40. A razor to look so fresh and so clean clean.

41. A French press will not only make you look refined, but you’ll be drinking delicious coffee simultaneously.

F*** you rain.

42. An umbrella for rainy days. If you’re too manly for umbrellas, you’re probably not too manly to get laid. Give your chic an umbrella if it’s raining, it doesn’t hurt to be a gentleman when she has to do the walk of shame.

43. A multipurpose tool is ideal because its seventeen implements are good enough that you don’t have to carry any of them individually.

44. Always keep a giant wool blanket in the trunk of your car because you could freeze to death without one. They’re also good for picnics.

45. Buy a carpenter’s level to make sure you can level a picture or level a deck depending upon your DIY expertise.

46. A frisbee because you’re always prepared to be fun and competitive enough to always be on your game.

47. A U.S. Road Atlas because it’s not really an adventure if you’re only using a GPS.

48. Jumper cables, not so much for you but moreso for your hottie neighbor.

49. A pocket knife because it’s big enough for most jobs but small enough not to weigh you down.

50. Have some sort of lucky charm, because a little faith can help you finish that deadline.

51. A box of Kleenex for your bedside table, for the after-sex splooge or the midnight cry.

52. A scarf to look more European and to keep your neck warm.

53. A savings account because you gotta look out for #1.

I like melting my gold, rubbing it all over my naked body and posting pictures of this beautiful 1% moment all over the internet.

54. Clean underwear, for real.

55. Peanut butter for survival.

56. Gum to cure your breathe stank.

57. Tide-to-go to remove stains, on the go!

58. Ibuprofen for your hangovers.

59. Cooking oil for all that kitchen dankness.

60. Deodorant so it’s okay to get close to you.

61. Sewing supplies. You might not be able to stitch that button back to your jacket but I bet you your roommates girlfriend does.

62. Aloe to replenish your ashy elbows and knees.

63. Bug spray because “ooooo guuuurl you sweet as honey!”

64. Shot glasses because taking shots out of regular glasses is tricky. It spills outta the sides and gets all over my going-out clothes… what? Oh yeah, me neither.

65. Sriracha to add or enhance any and all edibles.

I need more Sriracha in or around my mouth.

66. Cereal, you will never be hungry ever again.

67. A watch to stay steezy and punctional.

68. Rolling papers because someone will be able to roll a joint.

69. Scissors is a necessity, I don’t care how manly you are.

70. Hand sanitizer for all the music festivals and dive bars you frequent.

71. Pepper spray if you’re a girl.

72. Headphones for public transportation.

73. YOUR ID if you’re 21. Don’t be that guy.

74. Band-aids for your boo-boos.

75. Mp3 or an iPod for working out.

76. A carabiner for hiking.

Whatever you do, don’t be these girls.

77. Beer to stay refreshed and laid back.

78. Flask for shittiness-on-the-go!

79. Duct tape for a ghetto adhesive.

80. Fire extinguisher because those candlelit dinners might lead to a hot accident.

Watermelon goodness.

81. Good cutting knife to cut watermelon.

82. Water filter to keep your water cold and pure.

83. A laptop so you can have the world at your fingertips.

84. Blueberry Yum Yum to keep sane.

85. A costume for the impromptu costume party, or if you didn’t plan for Halloween.

86. Ice Cream to make milkshakes.

87. Trail Mix to keep yourself energized.

88. Red lipstick if you’re a female to add some sexy to your wardrobe.

89. Nail Clippers to stay primped and to avoid that awkward moment when you realize that you have an accidental black French manicure.

90. A secret stash of glow sticks for your next rave.

91. A duplicate of your house keys.

92. Vacuum Cleaner to clean your dirty ass room.

93. Ace bandage for the next time you’re drunk and sprain your ankle.

94. Birth Control because it’s fun for everyone.

95. Bacon, no explanation needed.

See what we did there?

96. Flip flops for dirty showers or beach days.

97. An ice pack, just in case.

98. A backpack for your studying material; Or to hoard your “candy” for festivals.

99. A furry hat for anytime you want to feel like a baller.

100. An ice tray to make your cold refreshments even colder.

101. A smile because that’s pretty much all you really need.

I love smiling, smiling is my favorite!


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