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Hobbyist Decorates Home with Halloween Light Show Set to Gangnam Style

Homeowner turns house into amazing light show that plays to popular song by PSY

Just when you think PSY is at the tail end of his 15 minutes of fame with his Gangnam Style song, a hobbyist goes and does this to his home and sends the web forums into a tizzy again.

Halloween house does Gangnam style

YouTube’r EdwardsLandingLights (E.L.L.) posted the video below of his house after converting it in to a ridiculously amazing Halloween light show that blinks, dazzles, and sparkles to the beat and lyrics of Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style Halloween House

According to E.L.L., it took him over a year to get the lights and coding down right, but it wasn’t until just recently that he added Gangnam Style, which came courtesy of a LightOrama forum member who was kind enough to provide E.L.L. with the code / programming sequence to match up PSY’s mouth / lyrics.

For the curious few out there, the music doesn’t play out loud. E.L.L. configured the system so that cars have to tune their radio to a station that plays the song as they approach the house. (Saves the neighbors from having to repeatedly call the po-po on his ass).

When you’re watching the video, one question really, really sticks out — who are the people driving by the house? If I saw this thing going, I’d definitely park the car, get out with three or four of my loudest portable speakers, and do Gangnam Style right there on the front lawn.

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