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25 Scariest Halloween Movies of All Time

Get Ready to Scream!

Halloween is here again and that means it’s time to watch a bunch of movies so terrifying that you’ll have to leave the lights on when you go to bed until at least Thanksgiving. There is nothing better than a great horror movie that leaves you freaked out by every little thing that goes bump in the night.

So we’ve put together this crazy list of the scariest movies of all time so you can grab them for the weekend! The list features a ton of classics but it also has a few surprises. And no, it’s not in order from best to worst. It’s just 25 scary as hell movies.

Don’t agree with the list? Feel free to comment and tell us what you think we missed. Now, let’s dive in to the terror head first!

1 – Nightmare on Elm Street – Original

Before a series of sad sequels made a joke out of him, striped sweater and metal claw psycho Freddy Kruger was one of the scariest bad guys of all time. Skip the remake and go straight to the source with the very first terrifying release. We suggest watching with all the lights off and a bowl of fresh popcorn.

2 – Jacob’s Ladder

Sometimes the scariest things are all in your head. This mind fark of a movie will leave you all twisted up wondering what’s real. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

3 – Dawn of the Dead

By far one of the scariest zombie movies ever made…and the goriest. Also it has a scary ass little girl. Why are little girls so frightening?

4 – The Grudge

Quite possibly one of the scariest movies ever made, this adaptation from a Japanese horror movie will have you terrified of shadows and popping sleeping pills. It is by far the scariest movie we have ever seen!

5 – Hellraiser

What could be more scary than a trip to hell? Taking up permanent residence with the damned in a never ending nightmare of unceasing torture! Meet Pinhead the keeper of the lost souls who loves to tear flesh and hear you scream. Also it has the world’s creepiest Rubik’s Cube!

6 – Final Destination

Most horror movies feature some sinister villain out to get you but what if the one coming to get you is death itself? No way to hide from that, which is what makes the Final Destination series so unbelievably scary. They are all shot well too, with plenty of gross out moments and heart stopping action. Planes, trains, car, roller coasters, even tanning beds can kill you. FYI – Most fans agree Final Destination 5 has the best deaths!

7 – Paranormal Activity

This low-budget, single-camera movie, shot in the first-person style popularized by “The Blair Witch Project,” is simple and effective. Special effects and plot get chucked for tension and the pay off is huge. They are now on the 4th movie and everyone in horror is trying to copy their success.

8 – The Exorcist

The Exorcist is so disturbing it will mess you up well into 2013. Satan and his demons take over the body of a 12 year old girl, attack priests, and do gross things with a crucifix. This one is a classic!

9 – Halloween

Michael Myers is the original creepy horror flick killer and Halloween still remains the highest grossing horror series of all time. There are plenty of awesome sequels to chose from as well, including one directed by Rob Zombie!

10 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Inspiring a generation of horror fans this insane tale of a madman is actually based on the real life of killer Ed Gein. Truth is stranger than fiction…and it’s a hell of a lot scarier, too.

11 – The Devil’s Backbone

Before “Hellboy” and “Pan’s Labrynth,” Guillermo del Toro was crafting this chilling ghost story about an early 19th-century Spanish orphanage. There aren’t many movie character who deserve more sympathy than Carlos, who struggles to fit in and is harassed by bullies and paranoid caretakers. Throw in the ghost of a boy whom Carlos keeps spotting, and you feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck with each passing moment. Some say it is the scariest movie of all time.

12 – Insidious

Horror power hitters team up to bring this crazy creepy tale of a family who move into a severely haunted house. Their son falls into a coma and they don’t want him waking up and bringing the demons with him. Every shadow until next summer will terrify you after this movie.

13 – The Cabin in the Woods

Five friends go to the cabin for the weekend. What could go wrong? Well…everything. No one is getting out until they learn the secrets of the cabin in the woods. You will be scared stiff!

14 – The Exorcism of Emily Rose

We love exorcism movies and priests coming face to face with evil. If you do too, then you’re going to wanna see this movie. It is scary as hell — pun intended! Bonus points for the creepy faces Dexter’s sister makes.

15 – Friday the 13th

Jason’s first movie was awesome. The sequels, not so much. Camp slashers with hot chicks getting murdered all started here. It may be a cliched setup now, but this movie can still provide a hefty dose of terror.

16 – Child’s Play aka Chucky

Some people may not agree but we find creepy little murderous dolls scary. Either way Chucky is a classic so he makes the list.

17 – House of 1000 Corpses

Rob Zombie is rad. Period. Watch this movie and love it. You’re welcome.

18 – The Shining

Originally a Stephen King novel Kubrick turned this tale of the Torrance family’s headlong plunge into insanity during a secluded Colorado winter into a cinematic masterpiece. Art meets horror with classic one liners! What more can you ask for?

19 – Psycho

The grand daddy of horror movies is still relevant today. The remake isn’t half bad either. Check into the Bates motel this Halloween and see if you live long enough to check out!

20 – Aliens

Is it just indigestion from a bad meal? Or maybe an Alien has laid eggs in your stomach and one is about to burst out of you? This movie will have you watching the skies in fear of what’s up there – heartless monsters with acid for blood who wanna lay eggs in you! Plus Ripley is the baddest chick in all of movie history.

21 – Let the Right One In

If you haven’t seen this movie yet – get it right now! This is one of the freakiest movies ever made. Ever. It’s about an ancient vampire slash blood thirsty monster in the body of a little girl who kills all the neighbors. Just writing about it scares the hell out of us!

22 – Susperia

It’s a stylish, sometimes gory movie from Italy’s Dario Argento, and a most unlikely location for a horror film: a ballet school in Germany. The frights come in waves and start as an unassuming student slowly learns who is actually running the school — and what their motivations are. For those squeamish around bugs, there’s a scene involving maggots falling from the ceiling that will have your skin crawling.

23 – Poltergeist

Evil clowns. Trees attacking you in your bedroom. Corpses rising up to get you in your pool. Angry spirits from an Indian Burial ground. Creepy little girls and creepier little women. This Speilberg inspired classic had everything! Tune in and stay away from the light!

24 – Jaws

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Jaws strikes! Shark attacks are always scary, and not just for surfers. Watch Jaws again this Halloween and see if you can shower without a speargun.

25 – Rec

This instant classic has some serious grip-your-armrests and hold-your-breath scares in it (and it’s better than its American remake, “Quarantine”). If you live in a multi-unit apartment building, you’ll be planning your escape routes after watching this film. And go ahead, try maintaining complete silence in the grip of total panic. It’s not so easy, is it?

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  1. Very well done a list.. thx.. I do not have an objection, but still would insist for Blairwitch Project to be included.. Though youve mentioned the name.. without it, I think the list is incomplete.. Brrrrr….

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