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Say Hello to the Boombotix Artists Series

 SketOne, Uberpup, and DGPH put a graphic assault on the Boombot speaker


This winter we are excited to be launching a new incarnation of Boombots: the Artist Series. By teaming up with a group of designers from around the globe, the Artist Series has given a brand new look to ultraportable speakers. UberPup (London) incorporated graphic mayhem to her piece to exemplify her propensity towards mass chaos. DGPH (Argentina) rolled out an entire set of post-modern abstract work in three amazing palettes. Sket One (Los Angeles) delivered a pad print design called Mr. Grimey that completely put a new face on wireless audio. For a product that originated from urban vinyl toy design, the Artist Series salutes the design roots of the product.

The Artist Series Boombots come in Bluetooth enabled versions (UberPup and Sket One designs) and wired models.  Housed in ruggedized ABS shells and featuring an integrated clip, Boombots allow your music to be taken with you, anytime, anywhere.  Boombots include medical-grade rechargeable batteries, dynamic frequency response, and a no-matter-what one-year warranty.  The Bluetooth models retail for $79.99 and wired models for $54.99.  The Artist Series is available through and select retailers.

A portion of all sales will go towards the hungry artists.  Help us feed them.



The UberPup Boombot2 brings together graphic insanity and audio technology into one place.  UberPup’s character design is driven by an explosion of A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder) perpetuating a frenzy of characters and symbols on the unique Boombot canvas. Change decisions as often as you change tracks with this limited edition Bluetooth enabled model.  Limited to 800 pieces worldwide.

Artist Bio: Uberpup makes playful, surreal colorful illustrations often featuring her own character creations. The illustrations produced are chaotic in style and unrestrained. Influences include, satirical comedy, Indian textiles, and day-glo cartoon shows.
Ria (Uberpup’s name by day) lives and works in London, producing illustrations for animation, textiles, print and licensing. Recent clients include British Airways, Aerial 7, Wikia, and The NHS.

Quote: “The design is good visual description of the Uberpup philosophy: supreme, cheeky surreal pop graphic madness!  I basically have a really bad case of A.D.D. so a lot of the symbols I use represent the nonsense that comes up in my head.”



If you’re craving enriched audio from the southern hemisphere, DGPH of Argentina has teamed up with Boombotix to make a delicious variation to the Boombot speaker line.  Choose a palette of your liking and showcase your desire for post-modern abstract art with a touch of high fidelity.

Artist Bios: Formed by Diego and Andres Vaisberg, and Martin Lowenstein, DGPH works on every visual aspect: from illustration and graphic design; motion graphics and animation; product development to art installations.

Quote:Many of our characters inhabit the world we created called Molestown and tell a particular story where we mix fantasy elements, religious, etc. Our Boombot is a delicious playground for those characters.


Sket One

Sket One decided to take a completely different angle at Boombot design.  Sket One decided to give wireless speakers a new face with this pad-printed gem.  The Sket One edition brings an edgy attitude inspired by his street influence.  Take it the street before someone else does, as these are limited to just 800 pieces worldwide.

Artist Bio: Sket One is an LA based visual artist with an old school urban background. Uniting pop culture reference, strong color, and bold type, Sket One has created a diverse and impressive portfolio of work including graffiti, toys, customs, canvases, and apparel.

Quote: “Mr. Grimey is the lurker in the shadows, the trouble maker, the one whose next move you don’t know.”

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