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Bouncing ball is actually a camera

Technology to be used by emergency personnel

Bounce Image Ball

When I saw this story, unfortunately, the first thing I thought would be the ridiculously funny photos I would be able to get when I throw this ball at people’s heads.

Hit in face with ball

But getting wide-eyed, slack-jawed images of a person the moment they realize they’re about to get bonked in the noggin isn’t the point of this new gadget: it’s meant for first responders, officers, or soldiers to check out a room before entering it.

Police officers with Bounce Imaging

The ball features six cameras, with each one facing a different direction. It also has accelerometers, gyroscopes, sensors for temperatures, and infrared LEDs too. The designers made the spherical casing kind of like our durable portable speakers: tough enough that it can be thrown or rolled, and bouncy enough that most surfaces won’t break it. All of the information that the ball captures then gets sent to a smart phone or tablet.

Bounce Imaging photo

Now, this idea’s been around for a while. A military version of the technology called the Eyeball R1 was built by ODF Optronics. The problem with it, though, is the fact that it costs $5,000. Bounce Imaging, the company behind the camera ball, is looking to sell their device for a fraction the cost of that. This could be beneficial for the aforementioned targeted demo of this technology because there might be situations where the ball needs to be left behind or otherwise gets damaged. There’s no GPS signal or clear-cut way to locate the ball once it’s been thrown.

Interesting stuff. Check out video of the camera-ball below:

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