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Music app takes favorite song, stretches it out so that it plays forever

Web app uploads favorite MP3 to generate new, never-ending version of song

Here’s a cool web app that I came across the other day that’s worth sharing with all our audio-obsessed fans out there: it’s called “The Infinite Jukebox” and what it does is it takes your favorite MP3 file and generates a forever-running, always-changing version of that song.

Infinite Jukebox logo

Take, for example, Bruno Mars’s Locked Out of Heaven. While this Police knock-off song runs a standard 3:54, when uploaded to the Infinite Jukebox, it gets adjusted so that you can listen to Mars sing about his need to get laid for the rest of your life on your awesomely loud portable speaker!

Funny Bruno Mars meme

Here’s how it works: The Infinite Jukebox uses the Echo Nest analyzer to break the song into different beats. It then plays the song beat by beat, but at every beat the program will randomly jump to a different part of the song that sounds very familiar to the current beat. All beats are represented by different color blocks for easy differentiation.

Infinite Jukebox example

Still with me? Okay good.

In terms of beat similarity, the program looks at pitch, timbre, loudness, duration, and the position of the beat within a bar. Users can also control the song if so inclined: Hitting the space bar starts / stops the song, left arrow decreases play velocity by one, right arrow increases velocity by one, down arrow sets current velocity back to zero, control freezes current beat, shift bounces between current beat and all of the similar sounding beats, and “h” toggles infinite mode off / on.

One stipulation when using the app — it requires audio APIs which are currently supported in Chrome and Safari.

Web compatibility of Infinite Jukebox

Check it out at

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