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Umbrella-less umbrella repels rain with air

Amazing concept from Japanese designers

As the makers of the world’s most innovative new portable speaker, we have a certain appreciation for new electronics and technologies that go outside the box with their approach. Take, for instance, this new gadget created by designers Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon—it’s an umbrella that consists of a handle and nothing else.

Air Umbrella being used

Aptly referred to as the “Air Umbrella”, it’s a relatively simple device that takes air in through the bottom of the controller and shoots it out at the top to create, more or less, a curtain of air that repels rain.

Child holding Air Umbrella

Depending upon the severity of the rain, the strength of the air curtain can be adjusted. Also, the handle itself can be retracted, so it fits nice and easy in any old bag or pocket.

How to use the Air Umbrella

Love this stuff!

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