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Smirnoff covers Sao Paulo in Glow-in-the-Dark Graffiti

Marketing campaign creates jaw dropping urban art

Smirnoff Brazil graffiti

Gots to share the creative when the creative’s this good — Smirnoff Vodka teamed up with world renowned ad agency Wieden + Kennedy for an urban art project / guerilla marketing campaign that saw top-talented artists paint graffiti on buildings like the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and others all across Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The catch with this project is that the art can only be seen at night, under a blacklight.

Nightlife graffiti art from Smirnoff

The theme was “Creatures of the Night” as Smirnoff caters to the “nocturnal-awakening” of its audience, who enjoy the nightlife that their city has to offer. Some of it kind of reminds me of our concept portable speakers that we’ve released.

Anyhoo, the blacklights get activated at random to illuminate the art, both surprising and entertaining people as they walk by.

Video of the project coming together below:

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