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Attention runners: we’ve found you the best music app ever

iOS app called “Cruise Control” adjusts beat of music to help users reach goal

Hot damn — Cruise Control is an awesome running app!

Cruise control app

Available on iOS (for now), the iPhone app adjusts music in a user’s library in real-time to help control one’s running pace. That is, it speeds up / slows down the song to help keep a runner on track with his or her desired pace, heart rate, etc.

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Furthermore, it matches the runner’s pattern, and can synchronize beats with each time the foot touches the ground:

“We call it Cruise Control because it works a lot like cruise control in your car,” explained researchers from the Locomotion Lab at Simon Fraser University, the minds behind the app. “You set your target, and the music will keep adjusting its rhythm, just like the car adjusts its throttle, to get you to your target and keep you there.”

What’s really cool about this app is that it doesn’t necessarily have to work through headphones only: You can pocket the phone and stream the music via Bluetooth through one of our portable speakers while you exercise: The app just needs to be open on the phone, which needs to be on you to detect body motion, rhythm, etc., so that it can collect the data and input it into algorithms that help control the rate and intensity of the music / exercise in real time.

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There are four ways to control an exercise with this app, with the “free” option allowing the app to automatically adjust the music to the exercise rhythm it detects through the phone. It can also be set to a target pace, heart rate, or cadence, all three of which will adjust the music accordingly to help the user achieve their goal.

Cruise Control is available through iTunes app store for $4.99.

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