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Interview with Good Enough Ski Crew

Good Enough Crew at Boreal

This winter Boombotix has teamed up with the whole Good Enough crew to bring sound to the slopes.  The partnership is a beacon of our dedication to supporting action sports with athletes that are pushing their amplitude to the highest levels.  The Good Enough ski crew is known for their progressive ski style with a greater emphasis on creativity and less on hucking big tricks.

We sat down with Jason Arens and Noah Curry this week with an exclusive interview.

Q: So which riders are in the Good Enough crew?

We are a  collective including Jason Arens, Noah Curry, Pete Arneson, Khai Krepela, Jordan Spohr, Alden Spence, Raleigh White, Cooper Davidson, and Cody Perin. Garrett Jurach, Jake Kulas, and Mizzike take care of our editing and videography.

Q: Which mountains do you guys typically ride at? 

We session Boreal ALL the time but sometimes we get out to Northstar.  Boreal has an awesome park going on all the time now.  Having the Woodward facility to train at full-time is also a huge perk.

Q: What kind of plans do you guys have for the season? 

GE: We’re having a lot of fun this season but we really are taking our media game up.  As much as we do a lot of skiing, we’re also trying to do a good job at capturing our lifestyle around riding.  Mostly we’re doing dumb shit like inking #goodenough tattoos, but even that stuff is just fun.  All of us are progressing our riding and doing interesting things on and off the mountain.  We have a light competition schedule too, but our real joy is just hanging with the boys and getting shots.

Q: What’s in been like working with Boombotix this year? 

It’s been pretty cool.  The company has really allowed us to get some good travelling in.  We’re stoked to have music with us all the time.  A lot of times we’re using it on our broke ass cars that have no stereo.  On numerous occasions, Boombotix speakers have been a lifesaver, and icebreaker, and overall a ton of fun.

Q: So how do we keep up with you guys this year?

GE: We have our monthly webisodes which are all hosted on the Boombotix blog and you can for sure hit us up on our Facebook.

Jason Arens with Boombot speaker

Good Enough Snowboard Wall ride



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