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JUMBO BOOMBOT hits the market

By popular demand, we have decided to put our Boombot Jumbo into our online store. Typically these pieces were only used internally for hosting thumping events, tradeshows and parties. Now we are opening up the joy to the world and letting the public get in on the mayhem.


boombot-jumbo-front-angle boombot-jumbo-front-no-eye


The Boombot Jumbo is a completely custom, professional audio system assembled by hand in San Francisco. The shape fuses Japanese urban design with a professional-grade Eminence amplifier and 12″ driver. The Boombot Jumbo is loud enough to power your next party, or be a home stereo system. It connects via 1/4″ or XLR cable to almost any media player, from smartphones and laptops to DJ mixers. The shell is made from fiberglass, is extremely durable, and doubles as an art canvas.

The Boombot Jumbo is powered by a 250-Watt Dayton Audio plate amp and an Eminence 12″ full range PA. The Boombot Jumbo’s acoustics are enhanced with a ported construction and reinforced fiberglass. It’s F%$#ng LOUD.

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