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Hospital’s pipes play lullabies to entertain young patients

Art and sound concept makes young patients comfortable, happy

Hospital lullaby pipes

Cool story out of London — the Lullaby Factory has created an art installation in the backyard of the city’s Great Ormand Street Hospital, which provides treatment to children and teenagers. The project itself is built upon an existing series of drainage pipes and actually repurposes a boiler house from the hospital itself to create a “secret” audio playground for the young patients.

Lullaby Factory hospital pipes

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Great Ormand Street Hospital lullaby pipes

The whole project was conceptualized and built by Studio Weave, and the songs were created by sound artist Jessica Curry and architects Je Ahn and Maria Smith.

The pipes were augmented with a bunch of copper, silver, and bronze coatings which altogether created an awesome, alternative universe to look and listen into. Each pipe plays a different lullaby, which can be heard when the child puts their ear to the pipes out in the courtyard.

Songs are also hosted on a radio frequency to allow people to tune in from a remote location, too.

Lullaby pipes at Great Ormand Street Hospital

Good stuff!

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