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10 Best Dorm Room Pranks

Not average dorm room pranks — these are the ones of legend

Solo cup dorm room prank

Hot damn—after collecting these photos, I miss college. Bad.

All-night parties. Endless booze. And pranks. Oh the pranks. A dorm suite didn’t actually bond at my school until each room had pranked the other one. True story.

Water balloons. Re-arranged furniture. And jeeze—the things you can do with duct tape.

Drunk college prank

But that’s enough of a trip down storybook road. What about others? The ones who make pranking an art form.

I’ve got ‘em here right after the jump.

Enjoy — and if you have proof that you’ve seen better, shoot ‘em our way and if we get another 10, I’ll do a follow-up post highlighting the best of the rest.

10 best dorm room pranks, in no particular order:

Hoffing the room out
David Hasslehoff picture dorm room prank

Covering room in post-it notes
Post-it notes dorm room prank

Tin foil special
Tin foil dorm room prank

Free postal tape lock-in
Postal tape dorm room prank

Filling the room with newspaper
Newspaper dorm room prank

Stringing the room out
Cobweb dorm room prank

Making the room one big gigantic gift to come back to
Wrapping paper dorm room prank

Making a ball pit in the room
Ball pit dorm room prank

Tinseling up the room a bit
Glitter room prank

Using duct tape and screws to anchor the furniture to the ceiling
Upside down room prank

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