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Redditor cracks code to every Mumford & Sons song

Visual diagram proves shockingly accurate

Mumford & Sons are an English folk-rock band that formed out of West London way back in 2007. The band consists of Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane.

Mumford and Sons

Since they hit the scene, the group has released a series of hits, including Little Lion Man, The Cave, and most recently, I Will Wait.

Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man

Those just discovering the band are often taken by their use of bluegrass and folk instruments, such as the banjo, mandolin, and upright bass.

Those following the band for a few years now, however, are beginning to pick up on a formulaic rhythm to every song the group puts out. It’s been hard to describe, but redditor Legolas75893 was able to put a visual to it that absolutely knocked everyone’s socks off and quickly went viral, hitting up sites like Buzzfeed,, and the blog for everyone’s favorite portable speaker.

And so now we present it to you, the very accurate, very on-target description of the formula Mumford & Sons uses for all of their songs.

Mumford and Sons formula

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this formula STILL works on me, so I have no complaints (yet). I say, keep rocking the banjo boys — ain’t nobody else out there doing it as well as you guys. But there’s a growing group that’s beginning to get a little weary of – and I’m quoting Legolas75893 here – the “mother fuckin banjo”. Perhaps we need to branch out a bit more stylistically boys?

Anyhoo, their music is still fun to rock out to. Here’s the music video for their super-popular song from a few years back called Little Lion Man (try and visualize the diagram as the song carries throughout – AMAZING how accurate!)

2 comments on “Redditor cracks code to every Mumford & Sons song

  1. this formula was particularly WRONG especially since you used little lion man as an example. clearly the song starts with acoustic guitar, banjo, and bass drum. fucking moron. take their most recent hit, i will wait, even that starts with a collective jam session. dude singing and then silence and then jams guitar and banjo and bass in your face. you are just too ignorant to realize what all is happening. obviously have never created music nor heard each individual sounds an instrument makes. go kill yourself after posting such a ridiculous an absurd accusation.

  2. ^^^ THANK YOU
    I thought the same thing when I read this bullshit post.
    OP, go fuck yourself.

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