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Portable Speaker Review: Jawbone Jambox v. Boombot REX

Portable Speaker Review- Jawbone Jambox v. Boombot REX

comparing the best wireless speakers in the game

In December we ran a comparison on our Boombot REX going up against the Jawbone Jambox and the Outdoor Technologies Turtle Shell.  At the time, the Boombot REX was holding it’s own on the Jambox.  It was  outputting about the same volume across most of the spectrum with a little bit less bass.  Both of the units performed significantly better than the turtle shell.  After a couple more months of fine tuning, we’ve actually manage to accomplish even more with our nano acoustic engineering.

the evolution in audio

The Boombot REX features a CSR BC5 bluetooth module.  We realized that there were certain frequencies that the unit responded to better and some that caused distortion. We spent numerous hours understanding exactly which frequencies these were.  We modified our firmware profile have a built-in profile in the DSP (digital signal processor).  What we were able to do is bring up even more mids and highs out of our device while also providing robust bass output.

This is all about allowing each driver to move more air in a crisp fashion.  You need a full understanding of exactly which frequencies cause distortion and which ones you can increase the gain on.  We isolated each frequency band with a pretty tight resolution and created a custom equalization curve to get exactly the acoustics we were looking for.

the results

The new Boombot REX is now SIGNIFICANTLY louder than the Jawbone Jambox.  During music playback, our Boombot REX kicked out over 10dB more than the Jawbone Jambox.  This is a 13% difference which is noticeably louder.  You can still notice that the Jambox picks up some additional bass.  They have a larger passive radiator and also make use of the battery to weight the radiator.  This produces a a pretty impressive amount of low end from this unit.  In any case, on pure full range loud, the Boombot REX flexed its muscles marvelously and not only hung with the best in the biz, but checked-out into a new dimension of audio performance.

the proof

Below is a graph of our most recent frequency sweep.  The data showed the Boombot REX being dominant across almost the entire frequency spectrum with the exception of the <320Hz range.  You can also watch our video showing the Boombot REX and the Jawbone Jambox being played from two feet away.  We used our dB meter to show the astounding difference in volume between the two models.

Portable Speaker Review: Boombot REX vs. Jawbone Jambox

 feature breakdown


 the verdict

With the Jambox and the Boombot REX priced almost identically, you certainly get more bang for the buck from the Boombot REX.  Tack on the track control, versatility and voice control features, and it is clear to see why the Boombot REX is the best portable speaker in this category.  With over a 10dB difference in loudness, that isn’t a modest differentiator.  That is just outright sound slaughter.

UPDATE 4/10/13: We went out to Dolores Park and did a People’s Choice on the Boombot REX going up against the top selling Jawbone Jambox.  See what the people say about how they compare.  

The Boombot REX is available for pre-order HERE.

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