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Audioforge Allows You to Tune your Wireless Portable Speaker

get better quality audio with your favorite bluetooth portable speakers

Audioforge is a music player app available on Android and iOS that allows users to tune their EQ (equalizer) during music playback to get the most out of our portable speakers.  The app comes loaded with a number of different EQ profiles, but you can also modify and create your own.  We’ve been using this app to create the setting for our embedded DSP so it’s proven quite useful.  If you want to make the best portable speaker sound even better, this app is for sure worth it.

using the app

Right when you open the app, you’ll find the EQ on there.  As you select an area on the EQ, the upper dashboard will tell you exactly the frequencies that you’re manipulating and the magnitude you are doing it by.

It isn’t super obvious but for music controls on volume and playback, you just tap the little EQ icon in the lower left of the screen.  You can access a whole collection of included EQ profiles with the lower setting button.  The app allows you to access all of your music libraries.  I noticed that on some songs purchased from the iTunes store, you weren’t able to manipulate the audio.  Most everything else including my 80% bootleg audio library worked just fine.

the verdict

This app has actually been an essential tool for us in the office to craft our integrated DSP in the Boombot REX.  Even with the tuning we did, this is a great app if you’re an audiophile and you want to tune to every song.  It’s actually a lot of fun to bring out different elements in songs and hear it in a different way.  It’s maybe not as polished as the standard iOS music player, but at $2.99 it offers great value to compliment your Boombotix speakers.  You’ll be able to avoid situations where you can damage your speakers by overdriving bass, and you’ll also be able to embellish a wider dynamic spectrum and increase your volume.

2 comments on “Audioforge Allows You to Tune your Wireless Portable Speaker

  1. I read once that all the EQ in iPod is implemented before sound is amplified so it doesn’t get distorted easily. I believe this app cannot do that. So given that we are at Flat EQ setting on iOS does it sound better than native rock setting using similar values?

  2. On the new iOS, you can manipulate the audio data through native apps. Older iOS used to have the output signal blocked. The built-in equalizer is also useful on music player, but doesn’t offer as great of flexibility in tuning. Will play around with it and see if I hear a difference.

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