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PSY releases new music video – breaks YouTube

New video from everyone’s favorite South Korean musician reaches 80 million views in less than two days

South Korean mega-superstar PSY has released his second music video on YouTube, and has already achieved close to 80 million views in the two days since it’s gone live.

Gentleman mv video

Psy playing soccer

PSY picking wedgie

The new video is called “Gentleman M / V” and truth be told, the whole experience is just as weird as the uber-popular Gangnam Style clip that’s chalked up over 1.5 billion views to date.

Video after the jump.

The new video features more chin holding and sexual posturing than explosions and miniature horse dancing. To use grandparent lingo, the whole thing’s a real hoot, and not a bad follow-up to something as ridiculously popular as Gangnam Style.

If you get bored halfway through, skip to the end to catch some funny outtakes from the making of the video.

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