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Durable Bluetooth Speaker Comparison: Philips Shoqbox SB7210 vs Boombot REX

Comparison between two of the more popular portable Bluetooth speakers

Rex v Shoqbox screenshot

Not a lot of portable speakers on the market today can lay claim to having the same — or even close to
— level of durability of our Boombot REX. One speaker does come close, though — Philips’ Shoqbox.

As such, this warrants a showdown comparison of the two durable portable speakers.

Both are shock and splash proof, can survive a drop, and even take the occasional whack.

Water resistant portable speaker

But when we took a closer look at them, well, that’s when it becomes pretty obvious as to which is the better Bluetooth speaker (spoiler alert: it’s not even close).


This is about as straight as they come, folks: Philips’ Shoqbox SB7210 retails for $152.99. The Boombot
REX, meanwhile, is just $119.99.

If you’re not a math whiz, that’s about a $30 difference between the two — as verified with my super- duper calculator.

Design and Function

As mentioned earlier, both speakers are pretty durable. That’s because they’re meant to be used outdoors. To accommodate the active user, both speakers feature clips.

But there’s a difference in the type of clip both use, and this may matter to those out there on the fence about buying a portable speaker.

You see, the Shoqbox features a carabineer clip, the type that mountain climbers typically use.

Phillips Shoqbox

The REX, on the other hand, has a snap clip. The difference between the two is that the carabineer allows the
Shoqbox to swing freely, while the snap clip fits snuggly against whatever it’s holding on to.

Boombotix REX clip

The Boombot REX can be placed anywhere without fear of it rocking over or rolling away. While the
Shoqbox looks like it might roll away, it does rest somewhat steadily when placed down (though when you play the comparison video below, you’ll see that the vibrations of the sound during the music test did knock the speaker over at one point).

As for weight, well, there’s a HUGE difference. The Boombot REX weighs 169 grams while the Shoqbox weighs a whopping 952 grams. Again, for all the non-math geeks out there, that’s a crazy four times difference between the two. And for speakers being positioned as essential pieces of equipment for the active outdoors-type, this can be a huge difference in terms of having to lug around extra weight.


Both audio devices feature a built-in microphone, so you can use either to take and make phone calls.

A convenient feature about the Boombot REX is that it features SIRI capabilities, which allows the user to ping phone calls via the Bluetooth portable speaker to one’s iPhone. Philips’ Shoqbox doesn’t offer this feature.

When it comes to sound, this is definitely a case in which size DOES NOT MATTER. Despite being much, much smaller, the Boombot REX is significantly louder, as demonstrated in the latter part of the clip below.


I don’t know about you, but I think the answer’s pretty obvious here. There’s no sense in paying more for a bigger, more ungainly device that underperforms when compared to its smaller, lighter, less expensive competition.

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