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R&D Update: Boombot Handlebar Mount Gets Revamped


A design evolution to make the ultimate bike speaker

A lot of people have been asking about the development of the bike mount.  We’ve seen all the ways people are fastening speakers to their bikes and we’re not satisfied or impressed.  Our first design was a little flimsy for trail/MTB applications, but this new bike speaker handlebar mount is all business.  Bar mounts are very tricky engineering challenges.  The amount of vibration put on components during a trail ride make material selection and design extremely tricky.  We teamed up with Alex Birch at Invisible Garage on this one, and the build is looking amazing.

what’s in the new design

The new handlebar mount design is lightyears more advanced using glass reinforced nylon and a very secure clamping mechanism that will have your Boombot REX fastened to the bars as fast as you’re willing to go.  The clamping mechanism is shimmed to fit a wide variety of bars.  The amount of compression applied with the new material selection offers significantly more pressure than before.

The fastening system is also completely reinvented.  Rather than relying on the pressure of the clip (which often times came loose during high vibration), the new design uses a clamshell securing mechanism to form around the clip.  The clamp locks into place and is released using two tabs for easy removal.

We recently completed the third iteration of the 3D print prototype and are now kicking off the tooling.  We expect the handlebar mount to be hitting the road by July along with a handfull of accessories to take your Boombot REX to the next level.  The pictures shown below are 3D prints of the design so don’t mind the sexy tan color.  Actual color of production will be black/gray.   Estimated pricing is around $29 and we will be taking pre-orders in about one month.  Stay tuned for the fun part: FIELD TESTING.

Bike-Boombot-Speaker-Mount-Prototype SideView-Bike-Speaker-Mount FrontShot

how to use the boombot bike handlebar mount

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