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Justing Wyper Dirt Jumps with Boombot2 Wireless Speaker

imagine trail riding with this bike speaker and doing this

Justin Wyper is one of the premier leaders of the dirt jumping scene.  Last year at the AT Showdown held during the SF Bike Expo, we set Justin up with our Boombot2 wireless speaker for a couple runs on the course.  A lot of the riders were talking about how cool it was to use a speaker like this for trail riding and building.  Having a portable speaker that lets you get hear a lot of the things while riding are important.  A lot of times we gauge surface texture.  We listen to our cogs, our chain and our derailleur to understand our bikes.  The new bike handlebar mount should really free up riders to explore using our product in these more demanding situations and we’re excited to see it.  Big thanks to Justin for helping us get this footage on the GoPro.  

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