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Working with Boombotix on Pro Model Speakers


When a company asks you to make a Pro Model, this is usually the highest level of respect an athlete can have.  Pro Models are typically done when an athlete has exhibited stellar cohesion with the brand values on all fronts including marketing, PR, personality and performance.  This goes farther than your video segment.  This is the moment when you become infused in a brand.

Typically, companies pay licensing royalties to the athletes for the pro-model.  This is usually a percentage of revenue.  We recently teamed up with Hookit to manage our athlete relationships and we’d like YOU to get involved and show us that you have what it takes to make a pro model speaker with Boombotix.

how to make a pro model

  1. The first thing you need to do is get involved in our athlete program through Hookit.
  2. Get hooked up with a Boombot Ultraportable Speaker of your choice.
  3. Sign up on our Instagram Platform called Swagonomics to get points by hashtagging #boombotix on your best photos with your Boombot.  Take note of the photos below for some examples.


    Example of a GOOD photo shows the product in nature with beautiful color composition. It’s simple and well focused. Example of a BAD photo shows an out of focus camera at home in the bathroom. Couldn’t take the time to make a good photo but had the time to put in a blue zebra frame. BAD.

  4. Take pictures or video using your product and show us the spots you’re shredding at.  We want to see that you are using your product and generating media around the product.  If you’d like to use logos in your photo or video, you can download them HERE.  Tell us your story about riding and what inspires you.  Show us your world.
  5. Be cool and be respectful.  If you are an amateur athlete working your way up the ranks, understand that you need to put in your time and deliver results.  Make friends with people involved in the company.  Let us know that you’re supportive of the brand.  You gotta GIVE to GET.
  6. After building the relationship, someone from the company will reach out to you and ask if you’d like to make a PRO MODEL!!
  7. Think about your brand.  This can be anything from the colors you like to the artwork that gets you stoked to ride.  Envision what your pro model speaker would look like.  You will get to work directly with designers to put your concept together.  Once the art and color selection is complete, Boombotix will build your speaker for you and PRESTO, you’ve got a pro model one-of-a-kind speaker.

The game doesn’t stop once you’ve got a pro model.  If a company has taken the time to build a design for you, it is up to you to make sure that you build demand for your product.  You have your name and credibility at stake and if a product flops with your name on it, it also reflects poorly on you just as much as the company.  Rock your product everywhere and most of all, be seen and be heard.

Boombotix will be hand picking an athlete from various disciplines on a monthly basis, so grab your Boombot and hit the streets!

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