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The Proper Way to Lounge Beachside

the best portable speaker for the beach saves the day

Featured Boombot: Purplexed Purple

Featured Boombot: Purplexed Purple in Waikiki

Last December, half of my family and I went on a vacation to Waikiki.  We stayed at the beachside Hilton conveniently located beachside in Waikiki, Hawaii.  We were served with a limitless supply of $14 daiquiris and pina coladas, but something was missing.  There was an annoying sound of pop reggae and it was kind of irritating me.  I was in paradise and I wanted to listen to REAL reggae or deep house.  There were a number of pasty overweight middle-to-late aged hairy guys  too, but I was able to block that out (or at least I tried).  That’s when I busted out my Purplexed Boombot portable speaker and brought things up to  new level.

I scrolled through my playlist and came up on a David Rodigan reggae mix, Scar, and some Beatles.  Now this beach was becoming more of a paradise.  We rented some stand up paddle boards (SUP) and I was able to clip the Boombot onto my board shorts.  Mind you drunk stand-up paddle boarding is not the easiest thing.  It relies on balance.  I paddles out a ways from shore and played some really invasive drum and bass to keep up my paddling pace.  My Boombot was getting some moisture onto it but it worked just fine.

Boombots have some weatherproofing in the design which makes it resilient to damage from sand and moisture.  Having a portable speaker on the beach that wasn’t a pain to lug out there was well worth it.  A lot of other speakers are either to heavy or bulky to bring out there.  Some portable speakers are just so expensive that I wouldn’t want to risk damaging it at the beach.  That’s where the Boombot really thrives in being powerful, inexpensive, and extremely versatile.  Some Boombots include microphones so you can even be doing phone conferences for work with the splashing of waves coming to shore in the background.

That afternoon we rented ocean kayaks and later on the trip went skydiving.  When we got back to the room, we had an awesome balcony with a great view of the sunset.  I skated through town on my longboard till I got busted by cops (apparently it is illegal to skate in the city of Waikiki).  I took my Boombot with me on everywhere on my Hawaii trip and it kept my whole family stoked every moment of the way.  Boombots are one of the best portable speakers for the beach lifestyle.

Have you ever had a beachside adventure with your Boombot?  Tell us about it.  Never spent time at the beach with a Boombot wireless ultraportable speaker?  Get 10% off a Boombot using the code: BeachBot

pics of a beach boombot

Beach-Speaker-Boombots Beach-Speaker2-Boombots

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